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Fortunata Widow Power Colors/Customization


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I would like to second this as well as expand the suggestion to include all VEATs. I would like my crab to shoot blue or perhaps pink energy bolts from her spider legs. Please give us a minimal FX option for serum. Please let us change our spider pet colours. And whole we're at it, this is off topic but if you could make Omega Maneuver not suck giant chocolate ****s I would be most grateful.


Also, please consider letting us use a crab backpack without the greenish shine. Even a matte one would be great as an option.

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Everlasting, even though I do not RP, as:

Doctor Hadius, Crab Spider (Main) ~ Aeronwen, Rad/Super Strength/Mu Tanker ~ Mortality Black, Time/Dual Pistols/Soul Defender ~ Vextravaganza, Illusion/Dark/Psi Controller ~ Baneframe, Robots/Time/Mace Mastermind ~ Zippy-Zap, Electric Armor/Dark Melee/Soul Tanker ~ Laser Lily, Beam Rifle/Energy Aura/Leviathan Sentinel ~ Nezumiko, Savage Melee/Bio Armor/Mu Stalker

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Widows with not widow claws would be great, yes. Even if it's limited to only the non uniform costume slots.

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When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like "What?"

[Admin] Emperor Marcus Cole: STOP!
[Admin] Emperor Marcus Cole: WAIT ONE SECOND!
[Admin] Emperor Marcus Cole: WHAT IS A SEAGULL DOING ON MY THRONE!?!?

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VEATs also don't get No Redraw for their weapons, which is something I'd like to see changed if possible.


Edit: I should clarify that I know the devs are looking to solve the No Redraw problem intuitively with the recent Katana test, so I just want to make sure VEAT weapons get included if they apply that as a global solution to weapon draw animation.

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