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  1. Bullshit. Your intro post bluntly demanded taking away the tool that makes the lion's share of builds and characters on this server possible, and then you edited it to add a pittance of compensation for enduring YET ANOTHER slog through bad writing in exchange for killing AE. The post is right there, don't try to lie to me about its content.
  2. So the rest of us have to suffer for YOUR lack of impulse control? The door is that way. --> Go play something else if you want hardmode.
  3. Not all of them. And not all the ones that are duplicates work the same.
  4. Those are the same two lists, just in a different order. Healing buffs are listed as Heal/Absorb because they tweaked healing sets to also affect the Absorb mechanic.
  5. For PBs and ranged WS powers yeah, but warshades have no melee attacks outside Dwarf form. Well, they have a useless melee-ranged hold, but that only counts under Jack Emmert rules.
  6. IME, the Banners regen way too fast to take them all down simultaneously unless you have a huge group - which you almost never will. The guide is full of it.
  7. I hear lots about /Radiation on controllers, but pretty much all of it seems to be about pairing it with Illusion Control. Played it before, don't really feel like leveling another Ill/Rad. But I do like /Rad. Kinda drawing a blank on a primary to go with it. So what goes well with /Rad, besides Ill/? Any shenanigans to be had? (Shenanigan Control should totally be a thing.)
  8. You honestly think all that baton-twirling nonsense fits a scythe better than a slow, inevitable reaping sweep?
  9. Nerva Archipelago is even more strung out than IP.
  10. Hard to 'arrest' anyone after most weapon sets get done with them. What's one more?
  11. I have this mental image of a guy at an invention table literally mashing two gadgets together to make one.
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