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  1. Exactly. Multiple consecutive iterations of the exact same mission are a thing to be avoided in game design. In the comic books this game is trying to replicate, such events would be condensed into a splash page of the hero group hitting the last station and about a page or two of individual-action panels as they mop up and make some quips about this being the third/fourth/whathaveyou near-identical raid they've broken up, then move on to the actual story with a lead on a named Clockwork or two. If the writers do bother to show multiple locations' worth of small-fry battles, it'
  2. Three-quarters of the "story" in the Synapse TF is pointless filler to make excuses for more timesink defeat-alls. You could tell the same story with less than half the text and missions, and it'd be far more entertaining for the loss of all the deadweight.
  3. Diamagnetic's -regen is trivial: -60% at full stacks (15% per stack). AV debuff resistances take that down to basically nothing. It's a total waste of incarnate components. If you want to hurt a target's regen, go Degenerative. Debuffing max HP bypasses their -regen resistance, and you get a toxic DoT on top of that.
  4. Thing is, even if everyone CAN, most people WON'T. One person keeping LR going pretty much ends any regen worries without interrupting rotations, whereas two or three people have to keep dropping what they're doing to toss more daggers.
  5. GC tutorial is a WONDERFUL example of why you shouldn't have voice acting in a game unless you're prepared to hire someone who knows what they're doing.
  6. Lingering Radiation's debuff dwarfs the dagger. AVs and especially GMs can almost no-sell the dagger's puny -regen. LR? Not so much. Envenomed daggers are better than nothing, but -regen from your actual primary or secondary is nearly always the superior option.
  7. Which is basically useless, because any setting higher than -1 results in at least half of spawns being at least +1.
  8. Assuming you don't brush the keyboard with your hand or mouse-over any power icons on screen, as doing basically ANYTHING causes a chunk of it to suppress. If you still want to be invisible, you still need a second stealth effect.
  9. Probably because you still need to stack it with Super Speed or the Celerity proc to actually be invisible to most enemies.
  10. Roughly, BAF/Lambda>Keyes>MoM/Underground>TPN>Magisterium. Based on NPC talk in the missions themselves.
  11. I agree with most of your post, but this part is ... just wrong. WoW Druids have to spec and gear toward a particular role to be effective at it, and while they technically can cover other roles than the one they built for, they're going to be utter trash at it. Khelds, in their present state, are the same only without the option to buff one role up to that "good" level. Dwarf and Nova forms are flatly inferior Brutes and Blasters respectively, and the only reason human form can keep up with Sents is that Sents are themselves underpowered. Druids (and hybrid classes in general)
  12. Now we just need a few more ice controllers and KB users, and we can play table hockey.
  13. You were making a goddamn strawman, and it's not the first time. It's also not the first time you've argued in favor of nerfs while claiming not to. You have no business accusing anyone else in this thread of gaslighting.
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