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  1. TWO entire archetypes. Any mastermind that has one of these target them is dead, pets be damned.
  2. This being an old thread doesn't change the fact that it's a stupid nerf that needs to be undone.
  3. I think Hover is the only flight power that doesn't hit its speed cap without enhancement. That said, Hover's base speed is so low that percentage boosts don't get you much.
  4. Repair is more useful for its ability to replenish a bot's blue bar and keep it shooting than for its healing. The protector bots are especially prone to running out.
  5. Medicine is pretty much the weakest non-epic pool in the game. The long interrupt times all but guarantee the heals will never go off when you actually need them - ie when you're under attack and need all the effective health you can get. If your defenses are that high that you can actually cast Aid Self, odds are you rarely need it because you're not getting hit to begin with.
  6. Then nerf the recharge and be done with it. Better it be a long time coming back than the complete waste of a click it is currently.
  7. The Medicine pool has always been a joke. Making Field Medic's full benefits auto would be fair-sized step to fixing it.
  8. People who drag real-world politics or religion into a video game. Seriously, shut the fuck up and let people have fun. We've got real life for that shit.
  9. People will continue to whine the game is "too easy" long after the difficulty increases they demand have killed the server population forever. "Too easy" is not a valid argument.
  10. Please no. If there's a way to flag for PvP, there's always a way to force other people to flag themselves so you can gank them. OP is asking for a griefing mechanic. Full stop.
  11. EVERY toggle power should have a min-fx option. Most of them look ugly as sin, and stacking several can outright defeat the purpose of the costume creator.
  12. Munitions Mastery in general is terrible. Body Armor is just one glaring example of how bad the pool is. In exchange for it not having an end cost, you get just enough resists to qualify for the defense-boost uniques; the base numbers are so low it's a waste of slots to actually enhance them. An unslotted Tough, overcosted and underpowered as it is*, still stops more damage than Body Armor with a +res IO. * - Compared to every other resist toggle in the game that affects S/L damage, Tough costs more end and provides less survivability. That Body Armor doesn't even meet that low baseline speaks volumes.
  13. Yeah, that's kind of a "you fail at weapons handling 101" animation.
  14. For me, it was Chrono Trigger. Specifically the clash with Lavos in the Ocean Palace. Even having that sequence partially spoiled ahead of time didn't mitigate the whammy. Didn't have another game shake me up that much until Tales of Symphonia a couple console generations later.
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