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  1. Task Forces in general should aim to stay in one zone as much as possible. Send people to a transit door if the fluff calls for bouncing all over the city.
  2. Gaming is about fun. Working your ass off to barely progress at all is mutually exclusive with fun.
  3. I'd say "fire whoever thought using enemy AI as a template for ally AI was a good plan", but that kinda happened already.
  4. Annoying? CC spam, untouchability, End drain - basically anything that says "you don't get to play right now". If I wanted to put up with my actions just not meaning anything, I'd do double shifts at work thank you very much.
  5. What the blueberry fuck is going on in this thread?
  6. This. I just watched Steam throw away a perfectly good UI and replace it with the bastard lovechild of Facebook and Netflix after it got beat with the ugly stick. My bar for acceptable interface designs is now at an all time low. And let's be honest, the costume creator UI was never at any point in this game's life a shining example of elegance. Adding some extra sub-menus is a lateral move.
  7. I'm pretty sure that flavor text predates 8th Ed. But it's entirely possible neither writer saw the other's work, and they came up with the line independent of each other.
  8. All of which fall flat in the face of any kind of recharge slow being a death sentence. Mez protection that's not up constantly might as well not be up at all.
  9. No I'm not. Take a good look at the front pages of Suggestions and General. There's a common theme these past couple weeks, and "GIMME" ain't it.
  10. You haven't spent much time on the forums recently, have you? There's half a dozen active threads ATM demanding something be taken out/the game made harder and NONE talking about adding freebies.
  11. Same as I say to any such suggestion: stick your nerfs in your ear.
  12. Bullshit. Your intro post bluntly demanded taking away the tool that makes the lion's share of builds and characters on this server possible, and then you edited it to add a pittance of compensation for enduring YET ANOTHER slog through bad writing in exchange for killing AE. The post is right there, don't try to lie to me about its content.
  13. So the rest of us have to suffer for YOUR lack of impulse control? The door is that way. --> Go play something else if you want hardmode.
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