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  1. You mean the buff that's utterly trivial, goes away if you do any sort of vertical movement, and has a stupidly-long cooldown for what it ultimately doesn't do? THAT buff? In their present state, those little buff pets are a waste of a click - there's nothing to make up for. 1% defense and 0.1 end/sec on a 1hp aggro magnet is worthless.
  2. T9s in general on enemies is just a bad idea - see Foot Stomp rendering anything without a dedicated armor powerset moot. But MoG takes the cake: that's not enemy design, that's a creator trolling the playerbase.
  3. /JRanger. I've seen too many games ruined by friendly fire to give that so-called feature any more chances.
  4. Now who's projecting? There's no glee at all in what I'm saying. Only disgust that so many people are willing to take the snake at its word that it won't bite.
  5. I'm familiar enough to know that 10% ROI is pie-in-the-sky territory for most ventures.
  6. CoH and its studio were turning a solid profit over its last year, even with another project going on in the background that was leeching some of its revenue. It was in NCSoft's best interest to leave well enough alone. They didn't. "Best interest" isn't part of the decision-making tree here. Same way they almost wiped the game out 7 years ago: use the "legit" server to concentrate everything in one place so they can kill the thing with one bullet instead of half a dozen.
  7. You'll forgive me if I see no reason whatsoever to trust a company that's already stabbed us in the back once.
  8. Hahahahahaha .... You are incredibly naive if you think NCSoft won't stomp CoH into the dirt all over again at the slightest excuse. All this negotiation does is give them an easy vector to squash the whole thing at once.
  9. Not for long, if NCSoft is involved. They killed it once, just for daring to be something other than a Korean-style grindfest. They WILL kill it again, given the opportunity, for the exact same reason.
  10. Meh. "Classic WoW" was basically "WoW before Blizzard learned how to make a genuinely good RPG". I've played WoW intermittently from Vanilla all the way to present-day, and frankly Vanilla was garbage compared to Wrath-and-onward.
  11. I think he meant a starting zone that WASN'T designed for masochists.
  12. You say that like removing the single most unpleasant mission type in gaming from a game that's otherwise a lot of fun could ever be anything but an improvement.
  13. +1. I should NOT have to compromise my character's ability to function just to keep some poorly-programmed AI working. Seriously, just let the friendlies lock on through stealth like every ambush ever coded into the game.
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