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How to Uninstall?


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For the past week or so, my game has been very buggy. The scaling is all off, the resolution is a mess, and everything is choppy.


Gave was running VERY smooth beforehand.


Spoke with GMs, had me do a few things, but nothing worked.


Im wanting to uninstall and reinstall tequila and COH, in hopes that whatever the issue is, gets fixed. I’ve seen this type of thread on the forums, but with no real answers.

I’m on Windows 7. 

Can anyone help?

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You could also remove the registry key (assuming Windows) at "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Cryptic\CoH".


Personally I'd probably try removing that before uninstalling, though that will depend on your PC/Connection.


Assuming you're running windows: ((And you know what you're doing, messing with the registry without a clue can mess up your PC.))

  1. Hit Windows+R > Type in the box that pops up: Regedit then hit enter/click okay.
  2. When the User Account Popup appears hit Yes.
  3. Press CTRL+F (or click Edit > Find...
  4. Type the key you want to find: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Cryptic\CoH ((This can take a while.))
    • You can also paste the above key into the box immediately below the menu bar (where it will probably say "Computer") And press enter.
  5. The main window should now have a computer icon with a load of little folder icons below it. eg:
  6. Right Click the "folder" named CoH and hit rename (you can delete but if you mess up it's harder to get it back (and you're on your own to do so...), name it CoH-Old (or something).

Exit from regedit. Relaunch the game. The game will make a new copy of this registry key from scratch using the absolute defaults. Some of the settings (I think) only appear when you have customised their options in the game and many/most of the options are sound/video options from within the game.

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I don't see any posts related to your problem(s). What's going on that makes you want to do this?

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I deleted the COH folder and made a new one. My scaling is still off, but by manually Increasing the UI scale to 1.5, it’s more or less normal now (albeit slightly pixelated.)


But my lagging issue seems to be pretty much gone. Thanks for the help everyone!

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