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Excelsior Supergroups!


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Name of SG: Foopy Knights

SG Officers: Me (Scruffitude), Sir Foopy, Penny Pizzazz, Heat of the Moment, Sound of Silence, Zapparella

SG Outline: I plan to make a casual SG, focused on teaming, leveling, helping each other with missions, and such. I just started this so there's no base yet (coming Soon™). I also don't plan to do any PvP, RP, or anything of that nature. Just be cool and helpful.


Either PM me here for invite, or find me in game, global is @Scruffitude. Warning: I have altaholism.

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SG Officers: OLD GLORY

SG Outline: Retro-Golden Age, Patriotic-theme. Looking for consistent players (new and old) who are considerate and polite. I am online every Wednesday (Pacific Standard Time) from 6 pm to 12 am. On other days, times vary.



I'm in San Diego, and I play approximately 2 hours per day (longer on days off).


I started playing from Launch on, but skipped several years.


Typically play Tanks, but I also have a Blaster, and two Scrappers. None are currently beyond L33.


I like to experiment with builds. And am a laid back player.


I design games, and create 3D projects. Created a Superhero Card Game called, Extraordinary."


It can be looked at on Facebook ( /extraordinarycardgame).

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Name of SG: The Cosmic Council


SG Officers: @Cosmic Tempus, @Ashland Arcade, @Mr Lightning


SG Outline: We are a legion of superheroes joined together to defend the cosmos from the many threats it holds! Hi everyone! I'm Cosmic, and let me be the first to say Welcome Back to CoX!! I was part of the #1 SG on the Guardian Server back on live; and it was one of my favorite aspects of the game! On Excelsior, we've made this SG in the hopes of recreating that same 'family' feeling the old SGs once held! We're a group of knowledgeable, friendly, active individuals who love to play CoX and help both veterans and new players alike! We run constant PvE Content (iTrials, Radios, Farms, TFs, Badge Hunting Expeditions, standard Trials, Costume Contests, Raids, etc!) and always include our SG mates in the forming of the league/team! We have a fully functioning base filled with everything a hero will need for the relenteless pursuits of hero work, as well as those 'secret identity' downtimes! We have an active Discord channel that we use to communicate events /content runs OUTSIDE of the game. We also run CoV Strike Forces and Praetorian Content, though we don't have a main focus in either - we *do* switch over to enjoy the content! If you're looking for a group of people who enjoy playing, who you can feel comfortable asking questions too - and don't mind a chatty SG channel, send a PM to any of the officers and we'd be happy to get you in! If not, send a PM anyways and we'd be happy to teamup! See you all in game! ^_^

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Name of SG: The LEGION


SG Officers: @ARCLIGHT. @Drama@Doctor Photon @iBot @Puretone @DocMidknight and others


SG Outline: One of Liberty's oldest and largest SGs back on duty!!  We are over 40 active members on Excelsior!  Our motto for teaming is, bring any toon, any level, any AT, anytime.  All are always welcome!!  We run lots of TF/SFs, Incarnate stuff, weekly SG events and more!!


A very strong coalition with The Sisterhood, MDK and others which creates a TON of teaming opportunities around the clock!


SG Discord: https://discord.gg/5nsQWm


PST to @ARCLIGHT. or another officer


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The Gun Girls

Officers Mercy Mauser, Winifred Winchester, Tin Toy Soldier

Generally AR wielding young women. There is a uniform.

Used to active on Victory, Freedom and not sure what the third server was.


Pain Away Corporation

Officers: @mercymauser

All emp def with firearms, teleport, no other travel powers, mostly Naturals. Uniformed. Pain Away Agent's have a mandate.

Here's the bio of the first alt when I had the idea:

Anya Burkholder is a Combat Paramedic. Pain Away is Heroic Services Corporation division. Her role is to provide healing in the field, to fight her way to a fallen hero if necessary, to heal them and cover them while they recover. It is a dangerous job, but one she does in loving memory of her sister who passed away defending school kids from Clockwork attackers. Her sister was a Super, Anya has trained hard as a pure Natural to be of service to Heroes in the line of fire.

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Name of SG: The Talsorian Guard


SG Officers: @Winter.


SG Outline: On November 12, 2009, the Lady Grey officially removed the title of "Talsorian" from Vanguard weaponry. Her reasoning (according to her official statement) was that the "Vanguard" troops, and associated heroes, should be using "Vanguard" weapons, without any other monicker. In actuality, she had new plans for the unique title: a faction of scientifically engineered and technologically enhanced super-powered soldiers, bred from Vanguard's very best, loyal only to Vanguard and its goals. Now, after nearly two years of enhancement and grueling training, kept hidden from even The Dark Watcher, the First Generation of The Talsorian Guard is ready for active duty!


The Talsorian Guard is a story-based super group, in that the group and the characters are part of their own story within the existing lore of the City of Heroes game.  We are not a RP group;  speaking in-character happens seldomly, but is not required, requested, nor enforced (i.e. there's no such thing as "IC" and "OOC").  The original members came together out of a mutual enjoyment of taking the time to write a bio for our characters, and find arcs in the game that fit our character's concept and story.  Stationed on Pinnacle, we hosted weekly Mothership Raids and some other events once in a while, but are otherwise laid back, friendly, helpful, and looking to keep our story going.  If you'd like to read more about the story of the Guard, or see what else it takes to become a member, I invite you to check out our forums and, if you like what you see, send me a tell or email in-game!

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SG: Excelsior Taxi Service

SG Officer: Taxibot 2

Global: @Spider-Babe


Remember the Taxibots? I was one of them! I used to play as Taxibot 2 on the Virtue server back in the live days, and I loved our group of super helpful taxis. I'm hoping to resurrect the Taxibots on Excelsior with this super group.


When enough people join me, on Taxi Tuesdays we'll be hosting zone badge tours. 


Let me know if you'd like to be a part of the Taxibot legacy!



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Taxibot R4P4 reporting in. I am with TaxiFae in the Excelsior Dimension. We are in the multiverses largest community sg ALL-OUT-WAR (2007-present).

I have seen a lot of Taxibots returning in the last couple of months so its good to hear from you Taxibot 2.

If anyone is looking for a large team friendly supergroup come look us up and join us...we run a nightly Task Force at 8pm est followed by a farm run.

Also look us up on Discord our logo is red coh star.

What Time Is It? It's Time For ALL-OUT-WAR!!! RAWR!!! 

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