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In 64-bit client, trying to bind something to Esc is instead binding to Left Arrow.

Crysta Clear

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A workaround would be /bind ESC <whatever you are wanting it to do>


Like if you want it to fire off Hasten:


/bind ESC powexecname Hasten


I have found the options screen keybinds kinda winky in the past but maybe they will be tweeked one day.  Until then, I hope this helps!

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The problem is that City of Heroes as a whole is recognizing ESC as Left Arrow. And an actual ESC binding shows up as Not Assigned, but in white instead of grey. It's only in the past couple weeks that I've noticed it -- it also takes a few presses of the ESC key before it recognizes that I am trying to close chat input without sending.


They had a similar problem when the 64-bit client first came out, where binding to NumLock was functioning weirdly in the same way as ESC is now.

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Do you Happen to have something Else like customizable KB/Mouse drivers installed as well? I know that you can customize buttons to some extent using the Logitech drivers and to some extent the NVidia graphics drivers (or any Other app that has an overlay or hotkey option).

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