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Mot Raid


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Im sure many though of this but im writing just in case.

On Dark Astoria you defeat many Mots minions as you can (On Maw Part), When enough of them killed (around 50-100ish) they spawn giant monster called Sentinel of Mot , when you defeat Sentinel of Mot, You can enter on Maw of Mot to defeat Mot.

At every 1 minute he sends minions after you to defeat you or defeated by you either way when every minions die Mot get %1-10 Mot gets  health back and when you get defeated either by minions or by Mot , Mots get strenghtened with +Damage +Resistance.After you drop his health to %10 or so he unleashes area of attack called Scream of Mot and removes resistance and inflicts Dot on every player if it kills them Mot get strenghtened with +Regen +Heal over time. When Mot finally dies All players gets buffed for week.Buff type depends on AT.

Blaster : %15 Damage %10 recharge time and special [Unavoidable] Blasters damage effects bypass target resistance and defenses for 20 seconds (recharge 10 min)
Brute : %10 Health %5 To Hit %10 Damage and special [Mighty] Brute's Fury is maximized for 20 seconds (recharge 10 min)
Corruptor : %10 mez resistance %5 recharge time %5 recovery and special [Corrupt] When Scourge applies it also gives Regen Debuff (unresistable) and Damage over time ( depends on power) for 20 seconds (recharge 10 min)
Defender : %5 to defenses (all) %10 Regen %5 recovery and special [Blessings of Defender] PBAOETeam it shares defender buff with teammates for 20 seconds (recharge 10 min )
Dominator : %5 mez resistance %10 to mez duration %5 Damage and special [Placeholder] every control effect and debuff has chance to spread to other targets for 20 seconds (recharge 10 min)
Scrapper : %10 to critical chance %5 to hit %5 to recharge and special [Placeholder] every critical strikes chance to inflict bleed(or other damage types if different power) and halves targets resistance for 20 seconds (recharge 10 min)
Stalker : %10 to damage %5 to recovery %7.5 movement speed and special [Placeholder] every critical strike has chance to rehide and gets you placate effect (PBAOE) when killed with critical strike enemy gets fear debuff for 20 seconds (recharge 10 min)
Tanker : %5 to resistance (all) %10 to taunt duration %5 to regen and special [Placeholder] every strikes against you has a chance to reflect with %100 damage amplifiation for 20 seconds (recharge 10 min)
Controller : %10 to mez duration %5 recovery %5 damage and special [Placeholder] your control effects has chance to refresh duration for 20 seconds (recharge 10 min)
Mastermind %10 to debuff duration %5 regen %5 damage (pets) and special [Placeholder] your pets has Absorb on twice on current health for 20 seconds and when they die they go with ka-boom dealing extreme damage (damage may vary depends on power sets) for 20 seconds (recharge 10 min)

Im going to write rest of it later.

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10 hours ago, Lost Ninja said:

Love to see a raid on Mot, don't like these rewards. End game Incarnate Raid, you're probably going to be going in with multiple T3/4s do you really need further buffs?


That said not sure what else you'd need at that level either.

Only thing i can think about for now is Purple Enchantment drops from Mot only sorta like hamidon but sets

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2 hours ago, Shadowsleuth said:

For an Incarnate Raid with the Praetorian version of Hamidon (He's supposed to be a lot more powerful than our version) I would like to see a superior version of Hamidon Enhancements, Incarnate Hami-Os (or Incarnate Mot-Os if we gain them from Mot).

Ok Mot-Os made me lol.  Mottos.  I know I'm stupid.  Lol.

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I would change two things.  With the mechanics I would lose the aspect of the scream that eliminates player resistances.  This would cause a greater hardship on resistance based tanks vs defense based ones.  In its place make the scream and the dot psychic, taht way pretty much everyone is in the same boat as there is barely and psychic resistance out there.  So once he reaches 10% he screams once and puts a dot on the raid.  After that he will scream again every x seconds adding a new dot after every scream.  You then have to beat him before the dots stack too high for the healers can cope.


The other ting is to change the reward.  I think what some suggested with a new Hammi type enhancement would be cool.  Rather than make it individual enhancements though make them sets.  so you would have a set optimized towards tanks, a set for melee dps, a set for ranged dps, a set for support, a set for controllers, and a set to buff pets.

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