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Couple of Suggestions

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5 minutes ago, VileTerror said:

gender equality for costume pieces


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On 1/22/2020 at 6:00 AM, VileTerror said:

I like the typo of "mike character to be able to wear the Sybil outfits" there.  I suspect it was meant to be "mine" or "my," but the way it is now implies gender equality for costume pieces, which is something I wholeheartedly support!

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3 hours ago, borgking001a said:

One more suggestion to add,  I would like to be able to make my MM thugs female and to be able to give them a look of my choosing.

The prospect of "City of Pimps" was one of the things behind Paragon Studios' decision not to put MM pet customization into the development queue. Now, I would support having a list of pre-defined outfits, so for example Thugs could have suits like Family, or dockworkers, or the like, but I still agree with the original devs that fully customizable MM pets would be too open to abuse.

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I'm not sure how that rumour started, but I can't find anything to substantiate that being an official reason.


Regardless of that, with free unlimited accounts, multiboxing, AE, and just friends teaming up; "City of Pimps" would already be a reality if people truly wanted to pursue it.  And, while an increase in the workload for the GMs is not an inherently positive thing, with community support in the form of reporting such abuse and violation of the Code of Conduct, we could actually reduce the population of players who would be willing to make such offensive and harmful concepts.  Those people would essentially be exposing themselves to suspension and banishment, and I think that's another tick in the boxes for Positive Reasons to Allow Henchpet Customization.


I completely understand the concern.  I know there are truly awful people in the world, and many of them happen to have accounts for this game too.  I do not believe that the existence of those people and the potential threat of their temporary abuse of Henchpet Customization justifies denying the majority of players' opportunity to make use of such a feature for the plethora of good-natured purposes.

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An answer to 3 is that Badges and Plaques are coming. They started taking suggestions for that zone before the game went live, again. If I had to guess it's low priority at the moment. 

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