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Voice Acting

Make Your Voice Heard!  

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  1. 1. How do you feel about Voice Overs?

    • Yes I'd love more voice overs and wouldn't mind donating my voice.
    • yes I'd like more voice overs
    • No. Keep this game as classic as possible

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So i notice in Menu > options > graphics and audio > Audio > 


There's a slider for Voice-over Volume. Now i am aware that in 2004 not many games had much voice over. That being said this isn't 2004 and it would go a long way for immersion if every quest was accompanied by a spoken voice. Now i dont mind reading in fact i love reading. Its probably a safe bet that most of us who play this game enjoy reading comics or some other medium. Audio files can be very small with today's technology.  I for one volunteer my voice for any npc quest chain at no charge in perpetuity. 

Its easy to criticize a suggestion but can you suggest an alternative?

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I'd like a fourth option:  "I'd personally switch them off, but I'd be happy to provide my voice for others to suffe- er, listen to."


And really:  "Keep this game as classic as possible" is a SUPER loaded statement.  I don't want to keep this game "classic" by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm also not a big fan of the existing voiceover work that's already in this game.

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There are some pretty long mission descriptions and it would be nice to not have to read through the. But I would also like to have a lot of those long meandering descriptions of plot boiled down to just information that A) moves the plot forward, and B) defines the mission objectives. There are plenty that go on way too long.

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Hard no. I dislike the existing voice-overs in the Galaxy intro, immediately turned them off and have never looked back.

There aren't enough /jrangers in the world to cover my reaction to adding any more. XD 


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I disagree with the above voting options!  "No. Keep this game as classic as possible" should read instead "No, it's always awful."  My distaste for it has nothing to do with some notion of game purity.

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