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Rare Salvage Prices


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Someone has gone absolutely nuts. 
It's dangerous to assume sometimes. But, given that BS ideas can only be used for salvage, it makes sense to me that using them to make salvage would be the only reason to buy them, and to try and get them as cheaply as you can. They are actually seeded at a price of 50K, because it takes 20 to make a random rare, which are also seeded for 1M. 

For the math impaired, 20 X 50k = 1M. 

So, someone has just bought...well, no idea how many, at least 5, for the capped price. 

Unless it's an error with an extra zero - which I find unlikely, someone is just clearly missing something. 

Is it me? Am I missing something? This makes no sense to me at all, but then, nothing has been making sense in the forums since page 4 hit. 

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Market PvP(lol) tactic, and a sound one.  For the cost of 250k, someone just hid the last prices.


Given that most/all sellers of brain storm ideas are selling at sell-it-nao prices, hiding the price keeps someone like me from seeing what the highest outstanding bid is and beating it by 1 inf.


Of course, this only lasts until the next person sells.  Right now they are just over 25k on the board.

Who run Bartertown?


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