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OH!  I know that one.  That's a good point, actually.  That demon spawn tunnel -is- unusually dark.

I mean, it's not unusual that a tunnel without any light sources in it should be so dark.  I mean from an aesthetic cohesion standpoint.  It's dark enough to stand out for being so pitch black, but is otherwise an unremarkable tunnel.

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17 minutes ago, Major_Decoy said:

There's certain tunnels in Oranbega (like the T intersection leading into the Demon Portal room) where it gets almost impossibly dark.

Ah, yeah.  I forgot about those.  My impression is you aren't supposed to be able to see in those.

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3 hours ago, Darkneblade said:

Dark Astoria missions, not sure which one but in one of them you searching for clickie on lower levels. It was pretty dark. And there was water so you can't see glowie.

Yep, I remember that mission.  Enter the floor and everything is fine, then you take 2 steps forward and all the lights just turn off.  Pitch black.   Basically have to navigate blind by the map.

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