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  1. Ahhhhh. Yeah, I suppose that would do it. Hadn't really considered that the mission owner doesn't even have to be IN the mission to register the completion when doing it as a group, which does allow some interesting base exit related shenanigans.
  2. How would you manage that? If the Kronos can be forced to spawn in a specific zone by making it the first "valid" target for the ambush to trigger (by leaving the mission instance to a base, then using the base to port to a different zone, which triggers the ambush when you load into that zone), how would you get him into the Hive? Closest you could get would be Eden wouldn't it? Don't think there would be any way to get him into the Hive, as it is impossible to zone directly into that area from an instance (such as a base) isn't it?
  3. o.0 How did they get it to spawn in Boomtown? Every time I have ever seen a Kronos it spawned in Talos. I was under the impression it always spawned in Talos because the mission that spawns the ambush had a fixed Door location.
  4. Odd. I have done the Montague mission (not through Ouro) several times, and I am pretty sure every time I got the Cure Wand, it only had 10 charges (exactly enough to cure the target number required for the mission). It it supposed to have 50?
  5. Well, there is the Seed of Hamidon in First Ward, who is pretty damn big. The Kronos Titan I think is the largest "free roam" capable GM in the game, I think, as everything else is either immobile (Lusca, Hamidon) or restricted to instanced content (Crystal Titan, Jade Spider, etc), but at the same time the Kronos is also an Ambush that requires running a stupid long Story Arc (World Wide Red) to spawn, so it's not like it really gets much chance to actually roam or that you can encounter it frequently. Would be neat if there was some way for the team to create "giant monster invasion" events similar to the Rikti / Nemesis invasions that happen. Nemesis / Malta Giant Monster invasions would actually be pretty awesome, especially as the Jade Spider is a GM that a huge chunk of the playerbase probably doesn't even know exists since it only appears in the Mender Silos Task force.
  6. I suppose that counts, though the only "open air" section is the final map piece that basically just takes place on the roof of the Zig where you fight against Blue Steel. Sort of similar to a few Praetorian missions where you fight your way through an office or lab and the final fight "set piece" takes place on a rooftop. Almost all of them are one off uses of a Roof, rather than a proper map element. Heck, you could even include the final fight at the end of the Night Ward arc in that as well, since it takes place on an "instanced" version of the Tower Roof.
  7. Actually, that does remind me of one interesting use of windowed area / external space. There is an Arc (Villain side i think) which involves tracking down the Praetorian version of Tub Ci and Penny Yin, where you start off in an Office complex, then work your way to a "penthouse" map complete with large glass sunroom (?) that opens onto a balcony complete with external cityscape. Having more of that kind of thing show up in missions would be amazing.
  8. Somewhat of an asside to this: WINDOWS. I recently did the Anti Matter Collision / Instant Army Arc, in which several of the missions involve sneaking onto Anti-Matters Space Station, and it kind of disappointed me that other than the fact that you are specifically told you are on a space station, there is no actual indication that you are. It is pure generic "high tech lab". I mean, imagine how cool it would be if you could add windows looking out on space with earth floating in the background to a couple of the sections of "High Tech Lab" used in the mission. Which brings me to another question: Why does it appear that literally no building in all of paragon city has exterior windows? Like, can anyone actually recall a single tileset that has a window in it that looks out on an exterior view?
  9. And this is why you got the reply you did to your initial post. There is no way you can expect me to believe that you "already understand all the ramifications" of how a fixed GM ambush spawned by a TF works, and still managed to post the question "Did it prevent the TF's from being completed?" in good faith. If A is correct, B should never have been a question. If B is a valid question, A could not possibly be correct. And if you are going to tell me that it was an honest question because you were completely unaware of how the Synapse Task Force works, then sorry, but I am going to call bullshit. I find it hard to believe that someone who has been around the game as long as you have would be unaware of why Babbage ends up spawning in Skyway. Especially when you blow them off by essentially going "boo hoo, you didn't get him in your task force, go kill him in Boomtown", as if that is an acceptable answer. Don't try to pass the buck on other people when it appears a good chunk of us immediately interpreted your reply the same way. As the old adage goes, "if everyone around you appears to be the problem, maybe you're the problem"
  10. No. Your post was completely irrelevant. His post had absolutely nothing to do with being unable to complete the task force, so your flippant reply had nothing to do with his post. Therefore irrelevant. He was posting about the issue of basically being robbed / cheated out of a reward that is part of the TF by design. He never once mentioned anything to do with completing the TF. And please don't be obtuse. You know very well that Babbage's spawn is a fixed event triggered specifically by running that TF and has absolutely no possible way of actually affecting the ability to complete the TF, so even suggesting it is disingenuous on your part.
  11. Completely irrelevant, but hey, you do you.
  12. Would that even be possible, given that i think all instanced content is basically constructed on the fly from a huge selection of basically pre-fab chunks? Like, there is no "cave map A", rather there is a a preset list that builds cave map A out of a bunch of pre-made cave section blocks. So you would basically have to figure out a way to add geometry barriers to all the individual pre-fab dungeon segments for every possible tileset. I can only imagine what kind of a nightmare it would be getting that to work properly on something like the Oranbega tileset.
  13. In order for this to work properly, it would pretty much have to be handled like an Epic Archetype, rather than a universally selectable power set. A proper "power armor" power set would require too many unique animation hardpoints (shoulder guns, wrist lasers, chest beams, custom rocket launchers, etc) that simply wouldn't play well with being universally available to people with costumes of near infinite variety. It's basically the same reason the Arachnos Spiders have basically nothing when it comes to diverse costume customization options. Now, if you wanted to make a "power suit" epic archetype, sure, then you could go hog wild. You would just have to make sure that it doesn't end up drawing the ire of someone like Marvel because it ends up looking too close to IronMan / WarMachine for comfort.
  14. Personally, I would love to see a "Spell Pets" MM. The Night Ward living spells practically SCREAM "make me mastermind pets", and the thematic possibilities are practically endless. Fire/Ice/Lightning spells as the tier 1 minions. Healer Light Spell/Debuffer Dark Spell as the T2. Animated Staff or Animated Tome as the T3 Heavy Hitter. Lots of potential there, and having a cool "wizard" themed magical Mastermind would be pretty sweet. Heck, if you wanted to get really unique (though I am not sure the MM pet code would allow it), giving them a set of abilities similar to the DP Ammo selection that allowed you to swap your T1 pets for utility would be an awesome route to go. Something like allowing you to chose between all Fire Spells (more damage), all Ice (control through slows) or all Lightning (end drain or something) would be neat.
  15. It does. Infact, in Incarnate specific content, your pets are brought up to your level. On my Bots MM at +3 incarnate, my Battle Drones all get a +5 level shift when in Dark Astoria, effectively making them the same level as me.
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