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  1. My point is is that even for the people who would likely use it, that extra step of confirmation (even if it is a single prompt) is likely to easily become annoying enough that they will simply disable it anyway, and then promptly forget about it's existence until the next time they butterfinger a bid and smash a keyboard in a fit of pique. The basic premise against it is that it's not something you should need in the first place. Just pay more attention to what you are doing, and the need to have something ask "are you sure you want to do this" even once straight up goes away.
  2. 99% chance I can predict how well it will work: Player: Places bid AH: are you sure you want to do that? Player: Yes AH: are you really sure you want to do that? Player: sigh. yes. AH: Accepts bid. 20 or so bids later Player: Places bid AH: are you sure you want to do that? Player: OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, JUST PLACE THE $%*&#$&%$& BID ALREADY!!!!! Disables popup notification. Guaranteed.
  3. There's also the praetorian mission where you break into Coles Tower to steal an object as part of the FirstWard/NightWard arc, and near the end of the mission a pissed as hell Marauder comes looking for you. I never stuck around to see what level he was, but I know both (or is it 3 now) times I did that mission he hits you with a boulder throw attack that immediately floors you to 1 HP (likely scripted). Always wondered if it is possible to do that mission and actually defeat him.
  4. Almost every Mayhem Mission can do this if you screw up badly enough. Mayhem Missions put you in a prison/jail when you are defeated in the mission. The Jail is NOT protected by drones, and will often have hostile jailers sitting right outside the door of your cell, waiting for you to break out. Mayhem Missions will also spawn heatseaker ambushes that will follow you ANYWHERE on the map if you constantly run around the map (they appear to be triggered by transitioning from one section of the map to another, and multiple spawns can easily be triggered if you run randomly around the map). It can be trivially easy, for example, to end up with a half dozen+ multi mob ambushes chasing you across the map if you are doing something like an exploration run for badges. And what happens if they all catch you at a bad time? You faceplant, and wake up in Jail. And if you don't take the door out fast enough, EVERY SINGLE ONE of those ambushes will then follow you to the Jail and camp the shit out of you until you manage to kill them all.
  5. And yet, the fact that I cleared this mission with a Bots/Time MM on my first go (also the first character I rolled after discovering homecoming, so definitely NOT optimal build at the time) would disagree with this. MMs can handle ambushes just fine. WAY more annoying on my stalker when they lock onto you through stealth and you have to corner-turtle bait them to let you get the first shot in.
  6. I have done the Ward arc on 3 different toons (BS/Shield Stalker, Bots/Time MM, Dark/Dark Brute) and never had an issue with the Midnight Mansion defense mission. Take your time, kill EVERYTHING before moving on to the next thing when doing the tablets, and it is relatively easy. Especially if you can keep the Midnighters alive until Ward turns on you. Granted, I don't run at high + values for difficulty adjustment when doing Nightward content, since all of that stuff was tuned to be higher difficulty than normal to begin with, so there is that. I could see it potentially being rough if you are soloing it as an AT with low Damage output, as the assault waves (they aren't really ambushes) might eventually overwhelm you, but I honestly can't see any Offensive oriented AT suffering there, as I never encountered a situation where I was unable to kill the waves fast enough. Main trick to getting through the finale is to not fight Ward. If you have as many Midnighters alive as possible when he turns on you, they serve as a distraction for his spawns. You have to remember that the finale is a scripted event, and your objective should ALWAYS be to rush Clarity and escort her to the water ASAP, since Ward is effectively invincible and will just stomp you until you trigger the script that ends the encounter.
  7. Don't remember which one it was, but I am positive there was one mission, where I had to rescue some guy from a longbow base, and he was scripted to basically SPRINT for the exit as soon as you broke him free from confinement. He didn't wait for you to escort him, he just started running and would engage in combat with every enemy he encountered. You also got the "bad" ending if he died. Which was super annoying because it basically meant that if you, for example, stealthed to him without clearing out every spawn between him and the exit, you spent the rest of the mission desperately attempting to kill EVERYTHING in his way before he got to it. Especially annoying if you are a stalker with no heals and no way to get aggro off of him when he facepulls a 4 man spawn.
  8. Pretty sure it has something to do with the kind of pet they are coded as. I think they are all (hostages, rescuees, combat-assistants, etc) treated as some form of a Pseudo Pet or another, but there are different levels of how "pet like" they are. I know from experience on my stalker that some of them (hostages / Rescuees especially) will literally lose focus on you from mere inches away if you activate stealth, while some of the combat assists seem to have no problem finding you from half way across a map, either in or out of stealth.
  9. I would put this down to the fact that YOU are the mastermind, and your pets are your loyal minions. So loyal infact, that they will follow your orders to the literal letter. Oh, the boss told us to attack that guy? I will get in range and attack that guy. That guy is burning where I am standing? Well, the boss didn't tell me to move, so I am staying right here thank you very much. They are your minions, literally willing to die for you. Why would you expect them to get out of a burn patch unless you specifically tell them to? That being said, I have no idea how possible something like an "cautious offensive stance" would be to code, where the pet does it's best to maintain fighting range, but actively attempt to move out of certain types of damage effects. I mean, it would have to be coded as a discreet stance, because sometimes you WANT your pets to stay in a particular place no matter what and modifying the standard aggressive stance wouldn't work in that case.
  10. If it's part of a DA "Arc" you should be able to find it in ouro, you just need to know which contact that particular section of the DA storyline that arc starts at, and then you can fire up that specific arc. Heck, it would be a lot more efficient than having to do the ENTIRE DA arc each time you wanted to find a specific mission, especially one near the end of the story (like from Dream Doc).
  11. regarding "attuned" enhancement, I always assumed they converted based on the level of the character using them. An attuned enhancement is always the same level as the character holding it, so if the enhancement only exists in, say, the level 10-30 range, then if the character converting it is level 20, it converts as if it was a level 20 enhancement. If the character is level 33, it converts as a level 30 enhancement. Attempting to treat them any other way would basically be crazy.
  12. Auto filters for chat like that are something that other games (WoW for example) often handle with 3rd party addons. Unfortunately, I don't think CoH has anything remotely similar to WoW's UI and Addon API so it might be a hell of a lot more difficult to pull off.
  13. Not entirely sure how viable it would be, as I have no idea how the supergroup permissions are stored / referenced, but I wonder if it would be possible to add the ability to add specific individuals to a Supergroup's Storage Access Permissions without having them actually BE in the supergroup? Currently, the main limitations on supergroup interactions with alts is that in order to use the facilities, you have to be a member of the supergroup. This effectively kills your ability to use a personal SG as a storage area for your alts if you want to have your alt be a member of a different Supergroup. Given that basically anyone can visit your SG if given the access code, I wonder if it would be possible to allow granting access rights to non members? Would basically solve all of those issues.
  14. Already can. As people have mentioned, just find the arcs in Ouroborous and run them again. It's not quite as "smooth" an experience as organically running the arcs again directly from a contact, but it serves the same purpose. Hell, the Heather Arc is arguably one of the easiest ways to farm Incarnate components as it is only 4 missions long so you can pretty easily speed run it in about 10 to 20 minutes depending on archetype and it rewards you 2 (I think) random Incarnate components + a shot at the full set of incarnate Reward tables upon arc completion.
  15. Ahhhhh. Yeah, I suppose that would do it. Hadn't really considered that the mission owner doesn't even have to be IN the mission to register the completion when doing it as a group, which does allow some interesting base exit related shenanigans.
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