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Bombardment Range increase working? Bug?

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I have placed the Bombardment enhancements in several of my Sentinel's powers. It takes two of these slotted to get the "5% range increase for all powers" set bonus. After slotting three of these sets, I would expect to see the range of my powers increased by 15%, such that a 40' power would now be 46'. Well, the range increase doesn't show up anywhere that I can find. Look at the detailed information for Blaze and the range is the same as baseline. Mouse over Blaze, no listing for the range at all.


Am I looking in the right places? Is the Range increase actually happening? 

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5 minutes ago, Vanden said:

The detailed info for powers only shows slotted enhancement, not buffs applied to the character. Set bonuses are the latter. You won't see accuracy or damage increases from set bonuses in the info windows, either, for example.

OK fair enough. Is there a way to test the range increase to verify it exists?

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I would think the 5% is all your going to get, unless you slot 2 into another power.

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15 minutes ago, GetRidOfWires said:

OK fair enough. Is there a way to test the range increase to verify it exists?

It will show up in your combat attributes under Range Bonus.

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In a real pinch....

  1. buy some unslotters.  unslot the enhancers.
  2. Stand far away from a Hellion on the corner of AP. 
  3. Try to shoot him. Then inch in closer, and closer and closer little bit at a time, until you can shoot him.
  4. Count the number of sidewalk squares between you and him.
  5. Slot the enhancements
  6. find another hellion near a similar sidewalk grid.
  7. stand that far away
  8. back up a bit 
  9. see if you can shoot him.
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