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i26 Guide: LeftDoubleClick Toggle, Another Twist on Global Teleport+Warshades


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I have a lvl50 Stone Tank, lvl50 Warshade, lvl50 Peacebringer and other characters with teleport or,  mystic flight. Along the way, I've come to know what I like and don't like. I also have a lot of binds and a lot of alts, leading me, like a lot of people I'd guess, to start putting energy in to one global profile to cover as much as makes sense and smaller profiles for toons that develop out of it. I'm up to 11 level 50s in all so, that global has matured a lot along the way.


There's great guides on this topic already. They've definitely helped steer me along the way.  if this is something you're interested in, I highly recommend checking the previous posts for more information. This guide will be focused on what I haven't come across yet. 


Couple quick things,

1. I haven't tried Jaunt yet. I suspect this works but it hasn't been tested.  With P2W flight and Ninja/Beast Run, I don't tend to lean towards travel powers like back in live. My stone tank's run speed at almost 70mph. KInd of an extreme example although, at an average of 60mph on others... anyway.


2. I've messed around with powexeclocation but ultimately, my preference for teleport is excename. I use powexeclocation for other things and I'm fairly confident it can be used here, interchangeably.


3. I only like LeftDoubleClick, sometimes.


I use the client to grab a, "fresh off the press" copy of keybind.txt as the base for my global file. I splurged on some extra characters and named it Global.txt. This first bit goes in there. 



SHIFT+LBUTTON "powexecname Translocation$$powexecname Jaunt$$powexecname Teleport$$powexecname White Dwarf Step$$powexecname Shadow Step"
LeftDoubleClick nop
CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/LDCTP1.txt"

My active binds are kept in the Install/data folder. My subfolder is, "@", where all the binds go. CTRL+LeftDoubleClick loads a file to mimic SHIFT+LBUTTON. It's in another subfolder named, "!". It's for anything global, Global.txt couldn't manage alone.  Edit to taste.




LeftDoubleClick "powexecname Translocation$$powexecname Jaunt$$powexecname Teleport$$powexecname White Dwarf Step$$powexecname Shadow Step"
CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/LDCTP0.txt"

CTRL+: Flips LeftDoubleClick back to my preferred default, off.




LeftDoubleClick nop
CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/LDCTP1.txt"

This manages itself until the next reset.



Warshade Minimum

So, on to warshades. We have Shadow Step covered, so Dwarf is all we're missing. I'm using, a minimalist global folder structure here. Everyone has their own methods, so I wanted to present a, "just the facts" version to illustrate my thinking and conforms to other methods with less to cut. Afterwards, a puffed-up opinion piece, closer to what I use.  That being said,



Essentially, I'm mimicing the above.


1. @/WSToonName/NotDwarfBinds.txt - Minimum

<KEY1> "powexectoggleon Black Dwarf$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/WSToonName/IsDwarfBinds.txt"

This is a bare minimum option. <KEY1>  loads the Dwarf binds. 


2. @/WSToonName/IsDwarfBinds.txt - Minimum

SHIFT+LBUTTON powexecname Black Dwarf Step
LeftDoubleClick powexecname Black Dwarf Step
CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt"
<KEY2> "powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/WSToonName/NotDwarfBinds.txt"

Unlike the multi power option, I prefer LeftDoubleClick's default is functional if I go Dwarf.  <KEY2>, pops back to human form and Shadow Step is restored. 


3. @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt - Minimum

LeftDoubleClick nop
CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/WS-LDCTP1.txt"

This keeps the activity, back and forth, in the global folder .


4. @/!/WS-LDCTP1.txt - Minimum

LeftDoubleClick powexecname Black Dwarf Step
CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt"

And, like the first bit, this manages itself until <KEY2> gets pressed. Then, were back to square one. WIth that, the teleport part is finished. It's nothing fancy but, hopefully useful.




Warshade Options

So, here's a little more QOL and global flexibility. The teleport part is essentially the same. For anyone just getting familiar with this, we're rolling binds. Anyone who's spent any time with them will testify, interrupts, too-much-too-fast keyboard action or occasional glitches can knock them out of sync. With easy access to reset them, it's hardly worth mentioning. WIthout, possible disaster. Likely frustration. There's a lot of ways to do this and, here's a couple I use a variation of. 



1. @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt

SHIFT+1 "powexectoggleon Dark Nova$$windowhide Tray7$$gototray 4$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithNova/IsNovaBinds.txt"

SHIFT+3 "powexectoggleon Black Dwarf$$windowhide tray7$$gototray 4$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/IsDwarfBinds.txt"

SHIFT+C "+$$powexectoggleon Penumbral Shield$$powexectoggleon Twilight Shield$$powexectoggleon Gravity Shield"

CTRL+C "powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$powexectoggleoff Dark Nova$$windowshow tray7$$gototray 9$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds"

CTRL+R "up 0$$down 0$$forward 0$$backward 0$$left 0$$right 0$$camreset$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt"

I've added spaces, for legibility, that will need to be deleted before using. The rest of these can be edited for your pleasure. The Keys are relevant accept to illustrate one of the QOL pieces. 

  • SHIFT+1: Only added to illustrate where toggling on Nova fits  in. 
  •  SHIFT+3: Toggles Dwarf on, handles some window & tray stuff and then the binds load as follows.
    • unbindall: I use this like it's part of an attack chain. Personally, I've found using it often means not really needing it. *(READ FOOTNOTE BEFORE USE!!)
    • Global.tx:  Now, it's my personal clean slate.
    • Nictus/AllBuildBInds.txt: The Character's general binds load to catch Global overrides or, anything unique.
    •   Kheld.txt: I have global file for both forms, shared by  PBs & WS so, Kheld.txt... This would be where it goes, if you do to otherwise, it's dead to us.
    • BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt: I spend more time on the human form so, a division. 
  • SHIFT+C: Notice the +$$  in the front, that's why I added the key  names, it serves two functions
    • In human, it kicks on two shields at once. 
    • More importantly, it picks up a cue from SHIFT+C in the next file and kicks on gravity shield, coming out of the other forms. If there's a bind issue, it buys a little time.
  • CTRL+C: Emergency protocol if anything interrupted SHIFT+C. In most cases, rolling SHIFT+C works so, another key is the only choice for insurance.  (Unbindall is in here too.)
  • CTRL+R: Restores default NotDwarf state. I use this command for reset on everything. (Unbindall is in here too.)

2. @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/IsDwarfBinds.txt

SHIFT+LBUTTON powexecname Black Dwarf Step
LeftDoubleClick powexecname Black Dwarf Step
CTRL+LeftDoubleClick "bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld/WS-LDCTP0.txt"

SHIFT+3 "windowhide tray7$$gototray 4"

SHIFT+C "-$$powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$powexectoggleoff Dark Nova$$windowshow Tray7$$gototray 9$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/AllBuildBinds.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/NotDwarfBinds.txt"

CTRL+C nop

CTRL+R "up 0$$down 0$$forward 0$$backward 0$$left 0$$right 0$$camreset$$unbindall$$bindloadfilesilent @/Global.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/General.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/!/Kheld.txt$$bindloadfilesilent @/Nictus/BuildWithDwarf/IsDwarfBinds.txt"

The teleport binds show up again. The path added a subfolder named /Kheld/ which isn't necessary. It's only there to further illustrate the global purpose. 

  • SHIFT+1: Is gone, carried over from the last file and still toggles Nova on.
  •  SHIFT+3: We're in Dwarf so, this just maintains the window and tray stuff.
  • SHIFT+C: Starts with -$$ to carry over to the last SHIFT+C command and auto toggle a primary shield. Both forms are toggled off, window & tray stuff then load the previous state.  (Unbindall is in here too.)
  • CTRL+C: With the rolling bind on SHIFT+C having more to offer, I only wanted CTRL+C if, SHIFT+C fails. Deleting it here, preserves its original command if, preferred. 
  • CTRL+R: Restores default NotDwarf state. I use this command for reset on everything. (Unbindall is in here too.)




The last two steps from the Minimum version are nearly identical. Only the paths have changed to protect the innocent. We went from, @/!/WS-LDCTP0.txt to. @/!/Kheld/WS-LDCTP0.txt. 


*UNBINDALL/KEYBINDRESET: These two commands are identical. They will wipe your active (Client managed) bind file clean. You won't be able to recover what was lost. Bindsavefile, managing files locally and knowing what you need to load and when, is imperative to successfully implementing either of these. If you're not sure what these do, don't use them without doing some homework. I apologize for endlessly nagging about this. I'd just hate to find out, I was the guy that walked you through vaporizing your data, like it didn't matter. If this tutorial was helpful, I posted a recovery guide right here.


Thanks for checking out the guide!

Let me know If there's any corrections, improvements or elaboration in order. 

Edited by qwy
Split into separate guides, changed title to reflect and added a link to the second guide


MMPetMouseExpanded MM Numpad Controls | Chain Attack Assitant | Load/SaveFile - Relative Paths | KeyBindReset - Basics Of Going Global.

SGMusic.mnu - Popmenu Audio Player for your SG Base

See my profile for some of my other projects.  

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