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Advice for Completion Order?


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When I first joined HC I made one of each AT and played them to 50 (15 toons).  I left live before incarnates were a thing so I didn't bother with them at that time.  I then ran, again, one of each AT (minus khelds which were in first batch) to 50 (13 toons).  Because of powerset disagreements and the fun factor, some of these first 28 toons got rerolled and 'creation date' does not necessarily line up with which group they belong to.  


Now, I am running each of those through and earning cash for a fancy set build and making their incarnates.  I reset my playerslot file so they are all listed in the order they were created, which again, does not reflect the group they belong to originally.  Next one on the list is a brute, but I already have a brute fully T4 so question:


Should I continue to incarnate according to creation date (oldest first) or maintain my original idea of one of each AT first then diversify into multiples of each AT?


I know a lot of folks are gonna say 'play what is fun' and 'do what you like' but I'm looking for advice and info and, basically out of pure curiosity, wondering if anyone else has 'rules' or 'regulations' on how they advance their characters.  


Thanks for your info, advice and just plain chatter!


Happy hunting!

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I would incarnate them from worst to play to best to play, based on your personal preference.  I would suspect that incarnates would probably really help a few of your builds (based on my personal experience), and I think you'll get a real rush as a character goes from "meh" to awesome.

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Who run Bartertown?


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Straight forward, really.


Here's how I make toons,


Concept first, always. Has to be awesome, unique and fun. Sometimes I have the concept before I even go to mids. Sometimes I'm wanting a new alt and I browse power sets and the magic moment.... Concept jumps to mind. Either way, now I know the AT and powers, as well as the name. Check the name, make sure it's available. I know you didn't ask for this info, but it's important. Why?


Because next step is Mids. I explore the build. I plan powers and slots, walking it through. What will I have by 10? 20? 3? What io's and sets to make the play fun? I get a rough-cut build up to around 35 and I have a costume in mind also.


Here's why I say all this: does the toon need incarnates at 50 to flesh it out? To fill gaps? Will I only play at 50, no exemping or will I want to exemp? This is crucial, for example my Kat/SR scrap does not exemp, so her alpha, cardiac, is integral, she needs it. On the other hand, my DB/EA stalker was running at +4 by lvl 29 and can exemp easily, so incarnates just came as I played for fun, no really urgency as she didn't need them.


Each toon is different, some may need incarnates for build viability urgently. Do those first. Others? If they don't necessarily even need incarnates, then it happens when it happens.



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I'm new. Just joined a little after HC launched last year. So I didn't know how the game worked, none of the ATs nor the powers. I tried a few: first ever was a Kheld for the inherent flight. I didn't get far. Next was a blaster, because I'm partial to range. Didn't get far as well. Then I tried Sentinels. Sentinels were a good match for a newb like me. So I got one to 50--a Dual Pistols/Willpower. Next was changing one variable--a Dual Pistols/SR, then Dual Pistols/Dark. Getting comfortable with the game's ins and outs. I tried other combinations like Energy Blast/Radiation Armour (still on a Sentinel), Archery/Ninjitsu, etc.

While I was playing one level 50, I was levelling up another lowbie. The entire time, I would be creating concept toons. Altitis had sunk in.

I would also start with a concept. Then take it for a test drive until level 10 just to get a feel for it. Not all toons made the cut, but the few that did stayed on the "waiting list" to be played until the current one reached 50. There came a time when I had 50+ alts and about a dozen 50s, 10 of which were Sentinels, and none of which were melee. Not all 50s have been given the chance to earn their incarnates... yet. From the dozen or so 50s, maybe 4 or 5 had some incarnate slotted, and only 1 made it to T4s. 

Then I started learning other ATs. I've tried Blasters, Spiders, and a Kheld (human only, sorry). I just learned how fun Brutes were, so now I have 2 at 50 plus another 4 waiting in line. I'm enjoying Dominators and trying out Corruptors, also with their share of potential alts. And I've recently taken the plunge to learn a Mastermind and a tri-form Warshade.

I usually start with a concept comprised of a sketch of a back story, possible power set combinations, and a look or costume. I usually let them sit and percolate after the test drive. If they still interest me enough to want to play them again after a couple of weeks/months of sitting there, then they stay. Otherwise, they get deleted and re-rolled to a more fitting AT/Power set. For every 10 alts I make, I end up deleting 7-8; so my total number of toons still hover around 40-50 at any given time (while the list of 50s grows).

When I do commit to play a toon, I find that their concept often evolves--the toon starts to become a character... with its own personality. This may necessitate a re-roll (again to more fitting AT or Power set combination), or simply a name/body type/costume change. My cut off is at level 30. If I find that a toon is playable until level 30 (which is also around the time I start slotting and have enough slots), then it's worth seeing it to 50. Some late bloomers grow on you, some early faves fall apart.

Once at 50, one of 3 things happen: 1) I really enjoy the toon and power set, so they will earn their incarnates eventually (as they now share game time with the lowbies) 2) I decide that there's something about the power set that I don't like (i.e. I can't stand the SFX of Sonic nor the shaky visual effects of Water Blast), but since I like the concept, they stay on the list, but will never progress to earn incarnates. Or 3) I find that I do like the toon, but there's something wrong with the build that I can't fix at the moment due to my newbness. Once I learn more of the game, maybe I can fix them. (I've recently done this to my Fire/Fire/Fire Blaster, so now he's back in circulation... on the other hand, I respec-ed my DP/SR Sentinel, and I think I broke him, so he's parked until I figure out what's wrong).

These days, I concentrate on getting one to 50 while alternating between 3-4 lowbies and a couple of 50s, depending on my mood. Some characters, I simply can't NOT play, like my main. He's got over 110 vet levels last I looked (I stopped counting), and is currently my "badger". But he's still quite active in both endgame content and exemplar stuff.


TL;DR version:
Create your toon. Try him out. If by a certain level you don't see it working out, park him, re-roll him or drop him. Otherwise, play everything to 50... just to get a sense of closure for the character... that you've fully realised the concept. If you really like him, you'll know and you'll hardly notice that you've got T4s already. 


Don't think about it so much. It's a game, it's not supposed to give you stress.


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15 hours ago, EmmySky said:

Should I continue to incarnate according to creation date (oldest first) or maintain my original idea of one of each AT first then diversify into multiples of each AT?

I suggest you start with the oldest character. 

Have a set of distinct ATs - ranged, melee, support, and cycle through the three of them as needed by the group you're in league with. 


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