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Show Me Your Mash Ups


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I was playing around and came up with a Longbow agent with time manipulation powers... so of course he'd join Ouroboros as a Longbow Mender.




I also made a Skulls member who took Superadine to augment his dark powers and ended up as Deathtroll, dark/stone brute.



What kind of faction combinations have you made?


Any 5th Column Freakshow?

Arachnos Circle of Thorns, maybe?

Clockwork Hellions?



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A former member of The Cabal, who was recruited by The Knives of Artemis due to her dissatisfaction with the former group's unwillingness to employ more subtle means to achieve their ends, and for her aptitude for clandestine operations, I present to you "The Maven of Artemis":



maven of artemis 5.png

maven of artemis 4.png

maven of artemis 3.png


maven of artemis.costume

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@The Volt that's awesome! I had/have a similar (yet unplayed) tank if a similar concept. On a mission to the shadowshards that went awry, one of the soldiers (as noted by his helm) sacrificed his flesh to become a vessel of the Rularuu in order to save his squad. Kinda like an Illidan demon hunter turning demon because it seemed like a good idea at the time. 🙂


PS, I love the other concepts as well.


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Some time back, I had the question pop into my head "What if a Circle of Thorns mage got a hold of a Carnival of Shadows mask and was dumb enough to try it on?" 

Well first off, I heard Bill Murray's Venkman character from Ghostbusters in my head: "There's at least two people in there already." :D


Then I did the mash-up and took a screenshot in the powers display: 


I've got a name for this character already and have been waiting for the alt-i-tus to roll around to play her: 


"Clown of Thorns". 


Don't hurt me. :D

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