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Selling game related content?


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Two questions.


1. If I were to have art commissioned of my unique character and have it printed on a t-shirt, or coffee mug, or something and have it available for myself and others to buy would that get me banned from homecoming?  The character is unique as in it does not exist in any intellectual property, game, movie, tv show, comic, nothing.  It does not look like anything from the former mentioned either or can even be construed as.  I was unable to find anything in the polices outlined in this forum about not being able to do this.


2.  If I had t he ability to make props from the game. Specifically the devil duck, would that be infringing on the intellectual property?  This one I can kind of see because it is an in game asset, but still...its a rubber ducky, they already exist, just maybe not without the devilish features. 


Please advise Homecoming team.

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Keep it quiet, keep it personal, and you'll not likely have an issue.

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This isn't really pertaining to in-game support, so I'll lock this conversation.  Nerio72 is right though, as the 'Devil Rubber Ducky' existed long before I was born, and is a non-issue.  ZeroXephon, I'll send you a PM about your situation.


In the future, any Code of Conduct questions not relating to in-game issues should be asked using the Support tool.

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