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The Dark Watcher story arc


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I started the dark watchers story arc in obouros. And all was going nicely until is started and the 3th mission. 

The Horror of war part 3. I need too investigate the nemesis base and search the safe, collect 2 automaton remains.

So i found 1 of the remains its a automaton called manticore. I killed all the mobs on the map and started my search for the safe and the second remains.

Tried all the doors and even a cave enterance but nothing worked. Anybody did this mission allready.

Some advice would be mutch appreciated.



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19 minutes ago, Display Name said:

Perfect!  Now...  Uh...  How do I exit, pretty please?


Should be able to go back to the entrance of the cave, then likely back to the warp you entered the map from.


Dislike certain sounds? Silence/Modify specific sounds. Looking for modified whole powerset sfx?

Check out Michiyo's modder or Solerverse's thread.  Got a punny character? You should share it.

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