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Lock up The Butcher of King's Row


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This is going to be controversial, but here goes.


In a fit of rage, Josh Young beat Russell Brandt, an unarmed mentally ill man, to death and he has still not been punished for his crime.

It gets worse:

He's still serving in the PPD.

He's still registered as a hero.

He's still training young heroes and possibly corrupting them!


Get this dangerous man off the streets of Paragon!

Lock up Blue Steel!


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I refuse to let The Butcher of King's Row train my characters, they all return to Atlas to see Libby when they level.


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You know, Heroes believe in a thing called Redemption.


Perhaps his good work as a trainer of today's generation of Heroes, as well as his continued service as a Police Officer, are among the ways he's working to become a better person?


Surely, it'd be tragic to deny someone the chance to show they truly mean well?

Just some food for thought.

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