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Battalion found in game!

Glacier Peak

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Huh, after all the big talk around how scary they were going to be for level-capped toons, I' was kinda expecting something bigger.

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I actually had to look up Battalion on the wiki, to get what you guys were joking about.  I've been playing here for a year now, but there's still bits of lore that slip under my radar.  🤷‍♂️


So, the Rikti fought them 100 years ago, huh?  Given that all of my high-lvl toons can grind the most powerful Rikti into dust, it's hard to imagine how they might pose a credible threat.  Maybe they have the ability to adapt and evolve in a (relatively) short time, if they aren't wiped out, kind of like the Borg on Star Trek?  🤔

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Joking aside, I think the direction that the legacy team was heading was right in to a corner in terms of power scaling. The game already had time travel, interdimensional beings, and gods - so there's always a bigger fish, but in an MMO it doesn't scale well with story. 


I was pretty satisfied in Issue 1 with Rikti. Aliens man!



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