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Set Idle Stance?


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Hey, so we saw run stances get some love recently, and I love the addition - but I'm kinda curious about the existing idle stance poses we have. I use them semi-frequently through the emote menu, (though it's hard to find the actual slash commands for them,) and I was wondering if it would ever be possible to get our hands on custom idle stances selected through the tailor. I'd love the change, personally. IMO it would give a little bit of variety to the game's social aspects. I mainly use this game for costume designs and so much personality can just be conveyed through posture. Just think it'd be cool to see, and all that.


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A cool idea, and I certainly would love to see it implemented if possible for certain of my characters, but at the same time I think it might be subject to some wonky animation issues. The whole game is built around the default idle stance, and these were only ever meant as emotes. If you execute a power, your character defaults to resting pose, and if these were stances then they'd execute power > default idle stance > suddenly snap to new idle pose. It would look jerky and awkward. In all likelihood it probably won't be possible simply because it would create a lot of ugly animation jerking that doesn't look good, all in the name of saving someone a button press to execute an emote. Really, when you can set a keybind to execute said emote, or create a macro to do the same, this is just a ton of effort for something that probably won't look good and will be of minimal advantage to most players.

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Since you mentioned you were having trouble with the slash commands for those, they are:


/e stancehero1

/e stancehero2

/e stancevillain1

/e stancevillain2


So if you want to create a bind to make the h key put you in villain stance 2, it's:


/bind h "e stancevillain2"


Or a macro:


/macro idle "e stancevillain2"

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Here are the other stances (aside from the ones aethereal mentioned) from that section of the quickchat menu:


Center Stance: /e Idle2
Cross Arms: /e Crossarms
Hands on Hips: /e Akimbo
Neutral Stance: /e Idle1


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