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Choosing an Alpha for Elec/Elec


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I'm primarily thinking of Agil and Musc, but others might be good as well.

I'm thinking that Agil would be good for draining.  I've seen some posts that draining is useless and others that it can cripple the enemy.

Musc would give the best damage, but some say that if you want damage, don't play Elec.

Which do you think is the best Alpha for Elec/Elec?

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Musculature (Radial) can also buff Endmod helping both damage and drain as a result (as well as recovery of the user).


As for draining itself I think it's fairly indisputable that having no endurance and no recovery is crippling.  The problem stems more from "but being dead is even more crippling" and often by the time a solo end drainer has crippled a foe through end drain the foe is also nearly drained of health (and if they traded away the -end/-recovery for a bit more damage ...).  The trick is draining tougher, higher rank (bosses, EBs, AVs etc.) foes fast enough to mitigate their damage output faster than damage will defeat them and then keep them there until defeated.  Radial should be considerable help in keeping damage in the red while boosting the -recovery and -end of all those Elec powers.

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