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Lost a character


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So one of my characters is no longer showing up.  I don't know if it is related, but I've renamed two characters recently, and the first time I logged in with each of them upon renaming them, I logged in with the character that is now missing.  I've gone through all the pages of my alts, and none of them fits that character's archetype, so I am confident I'm not simply looking for a character with a different name.  I've also checked all five servers, and it isn't showing up on any of them.  Is my character just lost?

Formerly of Guardian server, my global was @Panzer Saint.

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I dont' remember the exact location in the COH install directory, I believe it's a folder with your account (logon) name on it, but see if you have a playerslot.txt file (dont' recall if it's slot or slots.) Rename or delete it, then relaunch the game. See if it shows up. (You may not have the file at all - not a problem if it isn't there.)

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Probably not, but try this and if it doesn't work submit a ticket.


Some odd thing that seems to happen is that character arrangement can get screwed up for some reason, but the GOOD thing is, that's stored ON the local computer in a Very easy to see place. A single file (per account) that contains the last arrangement of every character for that account.


Firstly, here's your reference point for finding said file:


What you're looking for is this:



  • The file the game looks to for the player's custom character arrangement for each server
  1. Find that file and open it up in a basic text editor like Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for MacOS.
    • I wouldn't trust things like Wordpad or say Microsoft Word because of the Off Chance they add invisible characters to the file.
  2. Find the name of the character you're looking for (hopefully you know it or it'll be harder)
    • The file is sorted by server (last one played) and then by character-ish
  3. Note what server that character is on
  4. Delete the Whole Line where your character is, save the file, close the file
    • Don't stress, nothing will break!!!
  5. When you next load the game, that character will now be located in the first available empty slot on that server list
    • Tip: You can see this in Real Time by backing out of the character list to the server list, making a change in the file (saving and closing it first!), then going back into the character list for that server


Checkout this thread for more on the topic:


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Thank you both.  I found the playserslot.txt file and renamed it to playerslot.txt.old.  My characters are a bit out of order, but all are present and accounted for.  Once again, I am pleased with how helpful the CoX community is.

Formerly of Guardian server, my global was @Panzer Saint.

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