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From nothing to very rare in 6 days. Welcome to Paragon City; Warlawk's Ward. One of our newest rad/fire farmers. "I just did this and you can too! Here's my story and some tips."


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I am working on my main, an inv/ss tanker, that I love more than anything. But he is so slow, and i mean slow at pretty much everything, but especially at gaining insp. AE farming isn't great. I'm mostly running ITF full clears and iTrials. I get the idea that if I take a break from him for a minute, I could build a farmer, and get there quicker. At that point, I estimated I was about 3 months from completing my dream infinity tank build.


Guide Used:

A big thank you to my generous knowledge patron @Warlawk. May all of your endeavors fit see point #1:



  • 2021/01/25 - The birth of Warlark's Ward
  • 2021/01/25 - After some DFB and other TFs, got picked up in a farm, and hit 28. BURN BABY BURN.
  • 2021/01/26 - Didn't leave the AE unless necessary to vendor sell. Solo farmed #2915 +0/x8 by the all powerful all knowing @brigg.  Spent the entire time manually managing purple/red insp and learning what to sell on the /ah.
  • 2021/01/27 - Had to leave the AE to do the Patron Arc. It's a scary world out there and not having a travel power hurt. I invited others, and one of them gave me 10mil for the cause. This was a huge difference at that moment. I burned through 5mil instantly.
  • 2021/01/27 - Hit lvl 50. Opened Hybrid slot in like an hour. Switched to "no XP."
  • 2021/01/27 - Bought my last set of sciciro's dervish. Purple management is now done. deployed insp eating macros. began rocketing to the moon. +3/x8
  • 2021/01/28 - Level Shifted +3.
  • 2021/01/29 - Completed the build minus the Very Rares. Needed a purple insp again here and there for +4/x8 so i stuck with +3/x8.
  • 2021/01/31 - Bought my last Very Rare. At some point I also got all my Incarnates to at least T3. Upped to +4/x8.
  • 2021/02/06 - Completed from scratch a second Very Rare build for my inv/ss tanker.



  1. GET GOOD AT SELLING - You need to get efficient at selling loot as early as possible. You can get very good at this, and try to game the market and craft as well. But that all took a lot of time. I wanted to farm. Because of this, I chose to:
    1. Vendor sell all enhancements and white recipes.
    2. Auction House salvage: white (500inf) yellow (2500inf) and orange (400,000inf)
    3. Auction House recipes: yellow (1inf) orange (probably 1inf) purple (check history, probably 10mil)
  2. AFK FARMING, DO IT - As soon as i didn't need a purple insp, i started afk farming. Before a meeting or irl task, i'd set the Comic Con Security guard to follow, and set burn on auto. Obviously not as efficient as actively clicking, but it's infinitely more profitable that not earning any inf. Considering how busy i am irl, I honestly feel this ended up being the bulk of my earnings. I'm afk farming right now actually.
  3. USE A LEVELING BUILD - I chose to do this leveling using the final build. This was dumb. If I could do it again, I'd have picked what made sense per lvl, rushed to fully slotted scicero's dervish everywhere, and respecced at 50.
  4. SOME SEED MONEY HELPS - I chose to do this with no seed money. 5 to 10 million makes a huge difference. If i had gotten IO's starting at lvl 28 oh man that'd have been nice.
  5. ADJUST LEVEL TO MINUS ONE WHAT YOU CAN DO - In general, you will make more inf if you have big groups that you easily crush. So if you're even remotely struggling at +2/x8, don't drop to x4. Drop to +1/x8.
  6. QUEUE 10x STACKS OF MED RED INSP IN THE AH - I keep 10 or so buy orders at 500inf/per insp of med reds in the AH. Between missions i'll burn all the insp in the tray, and grab a 10x stack of med reds. You won't be at 600% damage, but you'll be pretty close and it's super time efficient.
  7. KILL BOSSES - Bosses are where the money is at. Yes minions and lt's will die too, but chase down running bosses. They drop purples. Enough said.
  8. INCARNATES ARE MEH - They are great and all, but imo don't make or break any of this. The only one is Destiny - Ageless helps save me from using consume as much. But i've tested not using it and it's mostly fine. I'd do the minimum to get level shifted +3, and then just fill in the rest as you can. No rush. Besides, BAF and LAM are boring. Also see Warlawk's point #1.
  9. IGNORE MERITS - Yes you can get good stuff from them. But you earn inf much faster than the rate at which merit farming makes sense. I'm at well over 100mil/hour. I think I have 13 reward merits maybe.


Goal achieved?:

I went from 3 months out to done in 12 days. Yeah that's achieved.



Without further adieu, I introduce you to Warlawk's Ward. A mutation rad/fire Brute on Excelsior. He's good natured and hard working, even if his pilot is not. Thank you everyone for reading and happy hunting!




The "Alternate Radiation Melee/Fiery Aura (No performance change, more expensive New highest inf earner with the updated rotation!)" From this post: 





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- You guys are the real heroes!

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Welcome! Costume looks great btw. I'm always partial to simply yet dynamic costumes.

ArcID #125 Bloody Rainbow: Comic Con Fire Farm;  ArcID #2551 Comic Con Fire Farm: Cave Edition

ArcID #133 Comic Con S&L Farm;  ArcID #9911 Comic Con S&L Outdoor Edition

ArcID #2915 $Comic Con Fire Farm$ArcID #11612 $Comic Con Fire Farm Outdoor Map$

ArcID #16607 $Comic Con S&L Caves$ArcID #16610 $Comic Con S&L Outdoor$
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Your Inv/SS tank can farm a lethal smashing farm, just not as fast as a fire armor set; simply because burn is a second damage aura.  Get the defense up adequate to about 35%, and let Invincibility cover the rest, and ramp up recharge.  Get Dull pain recharge low, use a Force Feed knockback proc in foot stomp help reduce it, and pick up some AoE in the epic.  Easy build, just not as fast with some sets that have a damage aura in the attack set and 2 damage auras in the armor set.

"Farming is just more fun in my opinion, beating up hordes of angry cosplayers...."  - Coyotedancer

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On 3/3/2021 at 3:54 AM, Mezichia said:

What's the point in hitting the no xp? I thought that it didn't effect influence gain anymore.

Unless it's to stall level progression (to accumulate threads/shards or something?) there's no longer a point to disabling XP.  You get the same inf with or without it.  


On 2/9/2021 at 9:46 AM, admiralnorman said:

ADJUST LEVEL TO MINUS ONE WHAT YOU CAN DO - In general, you will make more inf if you have big groups that you easily crush. So if you're even remotely struggling at +2/x8, don't drop to x4. Drop to +1/x8.

This point doesn't get enough attention in these threads.  In the time it takes you to clear a 4/8, you could clear nearly three of the same map at 2/8.  That's almost 3x as many drops and inf in the same amount of time, and more spins at the wheel mean more chances at purple/pvp recipes.  

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Those of you who continue to profess a belief in the Users will receive the standard substandard training which will result in your eventual elimination.

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