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A little QoL love for the Conversion Window?


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Some parts of the game are tedious and slow. A few are not only tedious and slow, but actually to the point of being painful. The recent change to how Catalysts and Boosters are applied was very good, but there are other bad ones, too.


I would like to suggest a simple change to the Enhancement Conversion window that I would find to be much less painful to use than it is at present.


The problem is that to change one enhancement to another, a long series of RNG conversions need to be done, and each one requires the enhancement to be dragged from the tray back up into the conversion window after each step. 


Let's have a look at the conversion window in an example case where I am trying to convert one ATO into another. If I'm trying to make one for say, a Blaster, and start with one for a Tanker, my first change might give me a Controller ATO as shown here:




That's not what I want, but my "Convert" button is greyed out, and I have to reset the window with the new enhancement in the top slot to try again. This requires a click and a drag with the mouse from the tray back up into this window.


This may not sound so bad, on its face, but since this is an RNG process, I may have to do it many times. And then I will have to swap to in-set, and repeat several times again to get one specific missing piece.


Worse, some of us convert IO's around to resell on the market, and go through long chains of conversions, many times over, sometimes hundreds, to get from the enhancements we had, which no one wants, to the ones we'd like to sell, which are in demand.


I believe, having done this many times, the worst part of the process is the mouse click and drag to reset the window for the next conversion. 


So, boo-hoo, some wealthy players with too much time on their hands get sore fingers doing this. Well, not so fast. This is a major source of supply and demand management that benefits everyone by keeping the prices of the enhancements everyone want down and their supplies up. 


It seems to me it is fair for it to take some time, but not to be physically painful or even injurious.


What would I like to see changed? There's a few options.


First would be to take the "Clear" button -- Which, IMO, never serves an important function. Clicking this button does nothing that dragging the next enhancement to convert up there doesn't do, and isn't needed to get the enhancement out, or anything like that.  Rename the "Clear" button to "Reset", and when it is clicked, move the enhancement from the Output line up to the Input line, clear the output, and enable to "Convert" button to be clicked again. Then, a long chain of conversions is done entirely within the one window. Drag an enhancement up into the Input field, click Convert, click Reset, click Convert, click Reset, etc., until the desired enhancement comes out of the RNG process.


Second, and I think better, have the "Convert" button turn into "Convert Again", and when it is clicked, move the Output up to the Input, and instantly run the conversion again, creating a new output. Possibly add a half-second delay or VFX to keep the total time to process one conversion about the same. Then, the "Clear" button, when clicked, would have the minimal function of clearing both Input and Output, and resetting the "Convert Again" button back to Convert. Dragging a fresh enhancement into the Input field should also clear the entire window. The process is now even easier; drag an enhancement up into the input, click Convert, click Convert Again, click Convert Again, and so on, until the desired result is achieved. Then either close the window, clear the window, or drag the next enhancement in for another conversion.


There are other parts of the UI where we have excessive repetition, but this is the one I think would have the most beneficial impact.

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They need to just get rid of the conversion window altogether, and just let us right click on the enhancement in the tray and choose from the conversion options there, with corresponding keys for each function. IE: press S to convert within the set, R for conversion within the rarity, and T for conversion within the type. It can have a warning message warning you that it's about to be converted, which you can disable in options, or via a radio button below the message just like other options in the game like deleting an enhancement.

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18 minutes ago, MTeague said:

Would be nice. 

It's firmly into the "It would be nice if" category, wouldn't want it to interrupt any existing work.

But if it's a low-hanging fruit, fairly self contained within this one dialog box, sure.  Why not?

I'd say it gets annoying enough to be that low hanging, but at the very least let us radio button lock the "convert type" option so you don't have to click that dumb drop down every time. But right click option would solve all issues and help out a ton. Also including the option to catalyze that way "shortcut c" or boost "shortcut b" would be REALLY nice too, just overhaul all systems into one simple right click option.

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Definitely do this. Was going to post this myself.

No need to make a "convert again" button, simply have the convert button work for anything loaded in there. When you're happy, you take it out.

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But long before they get around to this, can they add a couple of zeroes to the stack limit of converters in the AH?

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