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New Leaping/Running & Sprints categories, and retaining the existing Leaping and Running categories


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I just wanted to note here that I moved all the existing Leaping and Running sets over to their new Leaping & Sprints and Running & Sprints categories, respectively. However, since the devs noted that there may be other sets in the future that use the existing Leaping and Running categories again, I left all the existing infrastructure in place for those categories. In some cases, I used redirects, and in others I added notes and links explaining that there may be sets to go in those pages/categories in the future, and where to go to find the sets that moved.


I also fixed all the references I could find so that powersets now point to the new categories, and checked everything else I could think to make sure nothing I did broke anything. As always, though, if I've messed something up just let me know and I'll fix it!

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