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Achille's Heel: Chance for -Res stacking?

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Good question! I know you can slot a bunch of them on your character. I think the way they work is by firing off they don't stack -res, but by having them in multiple attacks you increase the likelihood of the proc triggering. 

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2 hours ago, Sarrate said:

If I'm reading the power description in City of Data correctly, it looks like Achilles Heel doesn't stack, period.



1) Stacking is collective

2) Replaces existing effect

3) Stacks per attribute by key "AchillesHeelProc"


The correct solution would be to test it with the temp power that lets you view enemy stats (forgot what it was called).


This is my understanding as well, and I love me some Res Debuff.  It doesn't stack at all, even if two or more players trigger the proc on the same mob.  It merely resets the duration.

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