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Weekly 120 Million Themed Costume Contest! (Thursdays at 8 PM Eastern in Kallisti)


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Hello Excelsiorites!


Every Thursday at 8 PM Eastern / 5 PM Pacific, please join 0possum and friends for a 120 Million Inf Costume Contest at Statesman Plaza in Kallisti Wharf! Each week, there will be a theme, available below, and announced here at least a week in advance. All contests will start at the first sunrise after 8 PM and winners will be announced no later than 8:30. 


The prize breakdown is as follows:


  • 50 Million for Best in Show
  • 25 Million for Most Creative
  • 25 Million for Best Use of Theme
  • 10 Million each for two Honorable Mentions


All entrants will be judged primarily on their costume, though character names and bios may be used to break close races and hard decisions.


Theme Schedule:

  • 13 May - The Silver Age! - Come in your best 50s, 60s, and 70s style super heroes and villains! 
  • 20 May - Food Fight! - Come with your best food-related costumes, from literal representations of food to mascot homages.
  • 27 May - Monster Mash! - Any sort of monster is welcome, from classic movie monsters to modern horrors.
  • 3 June - Prehistoric Times! - Bring your best cavemen, dinosaurs, or other prehistoric creatures.
  • 10 June - Golden Age and Pulp! - Bring your best adventurers, heroes, and villains from the early 20th Century!
  • 17 June - PRIDE! - It's Pride month! 


Suggestions for future themes are welcome. I will do my best to post images of the winners here each week.

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Winners from May 13th's SILVER AGE contest!



Honorable Mention Mindclaw! Best In Show Amora! Most Creative Amaze!



Honorable Mention Ampl'Fly!



Best Use of Theme Holly Starlite! Honorable Mention Aviation!

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Best Use of Theme Winner - Soda Dispenser, Most Creative Winner - Banana Bear




Honorable mentions Kentucky Colonel, Sir Racha Huyfong, and Little Fish




Best in Show Meat is Moo-rder!

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Our winners for tonight's Monster Mash contest!




Best Use of Theme Sepkos



Most Creative Winner Helreginn, Honorable Mention Junkyard Bat, Honorable Mention Sanguinostrom, Honorable Mention Roasted Chicken




Best in Show Flesh Collector!


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We still doing this?

@Aurora Girl - Excelsior - BSOD
 Aurora Girl  (Blaster)- Energy/Atomic, Queen of Faceplants and former Mayor of Pinnacle Server  Straye  (Brute)- Savage/SR, Survivor of +4 ITF Nictus Crystals and Bobcat's Bane  Aurora Snow  (Corruptor) - Ice/Cold, AV Humiliator  Terraflux  (Controller) - Earth/Rad, Bass Exploder  Spynerette  (Arachnos Soldier) - Night Widow, Super Spy of Sneakiness and Stabbing  Snowberrie  (Tank) - Ice/Spines, Disco Ball and Lady of Winter

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