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Trying to Switch Pop Menu Binds Mid-game Not Working


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For my Warshade, I want to have a different pop menu for each form (with teleport and transform options), but I've been having difficulty setting this up. I want to use E as my bind for each menu, but it's not switching menus. In the code posted below for my Human Form Menu, I've simplified the transform options to just changing the menu to see if I can isolate the problem. Also, since I plan on adding more commands to the transform options, I left the <& &> syntax. 


If I type /bind E popmenu WSDwarfMenu in the chat bar to change the menu, it works, so I don't know what's wrong with this.


Instead of setting the bind in the menus, I also tried using bindloadfilesilent binds\Kheld_WS_Dwarf.txt in the menu and putting E popmenu WSDwarfMenu in the text file, but that didn't work either.


Any ideas?


Menu WSHumanMenu
    	Title "Teleport"
		Option "&A Teleport to Target" <&powexecname Shadow Step$$powexec_location target Shadow Step&>
		Option "&S Combat Teleport to Target" <&powexecname Starless Step$$powexec_location target Starless Step&>
		Option "&D Teleport Target to Self" <&tell $target, I'm teleporting you to my location...$$powexec_location forward:10 Shadow Recall&>
		Option "&F Jump Backwards" <&powexecname Starless Step$$powexec_location back:max Starless Step$$face&> // since I plan on using this in combat, I want the bonus that this version of Combat Teleport gives. This is for when you port right to an enemy, execute a melee attack and want to jump back to use ranged. 
	Title "Transformation"
		Option "&Z Human Form" <&bind E popmenu WSHumanMenu&>
		Option "&X Nova Form" <&bind E popmenu WSNovaMenu&>
		Option "&C Dwarf Form" <&bind E popmenu WSDwarfMenu&>


EDIT: Apparently, according to https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Popmenu_(Slash_Command)

"Bind_load and Bind used as commands do not currently work as expected. Binds made via popmenu will take effect after the client is restarted."

Does bindloadfilesilent also not work?


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When using the bind commands (in any form, including silent) directly from the popmenu, you have to, at a minimum, change zones before they take effect. You could restart the client too, but zoning works.


The only workaround I have found if zoning is not a practical option is to use  'beginchat /bind' (or 'beginchat /bind_load_file' if you are loading a bind file) followed by the bind you want to use. That will populate the chat bar with the command, and you have to press 'Enter' twice to send the command to make it work. But, the binds will start working immediately. It's not ideal, but as far as I know it's the only option if you want to avoid having to zone after changing binds.

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I was thinking of using the pop menus to activate one of 3 macros, which execute the commands, but using "bind" in a macro doesn't seem to be working. Is that just how it is, or did I make a mistake?


EDIT: I experimented and found that pop menus will activate a macro. However, it will ignore "bind" and "bindloadfilesilent" commands attached to the macro. BUT! If the macro is directly clicked on, those commands will activate... that's weird and annoying. I know I don't need to have transform commands in a pop menu, but it would just be convenient to group them with the teleport binds. 


This is what the human macro looks like:


/macro HMN “powexectoggleoff Dark Nova$$powexectoggleoff Black Dwarf$$bind E popmenu WSHumanMenu$$gototray 1$$goto_tray_alt 2$$goto_tray_alt2 3$$bindloadfilesilent binds\Kheld_T_Human-1.txt”



This isn't necessary to know, but if anyone is interested in swapping sets of trays with one button press and keeping it consistent between transformations that also utilize a tray-swap, this is what I'm trying to do:


I have 2 "Kheld_T_Human-#" text files so I can use "T" to swap between groups of trays. On a normal character, I have a two-TXT bind that swaps between "T" showing trays 6, 5, 4 and "T" showing 3, 2, 1.


3, 2, 1 are for powers and 6, 5, 4 are for macros for stuff like emotes, costume changes, and things I say a lot in chat (like "Congrats" with a clap emote). I know that there's a way to set up a macro window to do that instead so I wouldn't have to swap out all three trays since macros would have their own special window, but I have variations for each character, and the macro window, I've read, appears the same for all characters, so that wouldn't work for me. Maybe I should set up a pop menu for each character and forget about toggling with "T" but that will take a while...


Anyway, since my Warshade has 3 forms, I want 3, 2, 1 to be the trays set for Human powers, trays 3, 2, 8 to be Nova powers, and trays 3, 2, 9 to be Dwarf powers. Regardless of form, I want "T" to swap between that and showing 6, 5, 4. So, I need to load a different pair of bind files for each transformation.  


Kheld_T_Human-1.txt looks like this:


T "goto_tray 4$$goto_tray_alt 5$$goto_tray_alt2 6$$bindloadfilesilent binds\Kheld_T_Human-2.txt"


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