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Roleplaying limits?


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Just make sure that you're not hiding any real bigotry behind those themes, as people tend to pick up on that with relative ease, and it will be rightly reported to the GMs for review.



Being a human supremacist who wants to destroy magic, gods, and the like would probably be fine to roleplay as.

Targeting a specific faction in the setting which is represented by a marginalized group (ie:  Specifically targeting Croatoan Witches with an anti-magic screed) is probably pushing it.

Inserting any kind of allegorical association between the magical characters in the game with a real-world group of people and calling for their wholesale extermination is definitely crossing a line.


NOTE:  I am not a GM.  The above is merely my reading of the Code of Conduct as it applies to your question.

I'll tag a few GMs who may wish to further delineate where they feel the line starts, and where it's definitely considered crossing it.

@GM Impervium, @GM Kaiju, @GM Widower, @GM Kal (apologies to any GM who I may have forgotten who tends to perform outreach in regard to these sorts of questions.)


Also note:  Just because a GM doesn't feel a player has crossed an actionable line doesn't mean that the character, concept, or roleplay is necessarily appropriate either.  One may still end up driving away any other players, even if the roleplay isn't a clear violation of the Code of Conduct.

Persistently trying to get other players to engage with subject matter which they are not comfortable with could be grounds for reports of harassment.


Just things to keep in mind.


But .  .  . all that said . . .

There is definitely merit in exploring such subject matter through the safety of fictional roleplay with informed consenting partners.

Play responsibly and with respect for other players and real-world peoples, and you should be fine.

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Rikti are historically anti-magic, and many are anti-human (unmodded that is). Totally fine.

The above ideas are fine, as long as the CoC is followed:

  1. Do not abuse or harass others
    1. This includes players, Homecoming staff, and players or staff from other communities
    2. If someone wants you to leave them alone, you must leave them alone


If someone is put off by your theme OOC and wants to not hear about it or not interact, it needs to end immediately at that point. Preferably with an OOC apology and and an "of course".

But, speaking as a player that RP's always, characters that hate some subset are usually very limiting to play.
I have found it better to play a character that is getting over some systematic historical hate and expanding horizons rather than limiting myself to who I can play with.

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you are allowed to but you have to expect people seeing an unintended parallel to the real world and getting pissed about it

i have a character who gets players pissed just by being around, the character is not meant to make fun of a minority and the concept of the character is based on an anime trope i find rather annoying


that being said i dont play that particular character as often anymore because the issues people have about what they think the charcter is about are completely understandable

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back to the Zukunft



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