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New Game Dev Awards: The GameHERs

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I figured I'd make a little effort to signal boost this, and tag a few folks who I think may be interested in checking it out:
@EmmySky, @TwoDee, @CrystalDragon, @MunkiLord, @HelBlaiz, @teamtr, @TorrentYed, @betsumei, @Sunsette, @rookery., @Fermmoylle, @toxiclight, @BluWitch, @Rikti

Apologies if I misread any of you as being interested, and apologies to anyone who I may have missed or forgotten!

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I wouldn't even know who to nominate though, women in gaming and nonbinary are kind of hard to pick out from gaming credits sometimes, but content creation and community are important sections to take a closer look at. Skimmed the rules and it does indicate some troubling restrictions on what IP content might be disqualified (I.E. Homecoming would not qualify because it's IP is flux at the moment between hands and in arbitration/court at this time "I think...we would need an admin's say to know for sure") but there are a lot of different categories that any of us could fit into. I'd definitely ask for the HC admin/GM team to discuss it though, cause this DOES look like someone that could be a positive influence on the server as well as the old game title, if HC ever obtains rights or permissions to it.

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