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Template: Fortunata Proc Build


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In a previous thread, I showcased numerous Widows that I designed and played. One of those builds got me hooked and I kept tweaking little details slightly to provide new flavors of the same concept. This became such a common practive of mine that I simply created a Template build in Mids and have been sharing it with others. The concept of the template is simple: I typically take the same base build, but I am left with 2 power selections and 6 enhancement slots. With those choices, I create a new version of the build.


Here is the template: 


This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn

Click this DataLink to open the build!

Siren's Blood: Level 50 Mutation Arachnos Widow
Primary Power Set: Fortunata Training
Secondary Power Set: Fortunata Teamwork
Power Pool: Sorcery
Power Pool: Speed
Power Pool: Leadership
Power Pool: Leaping
Ancillary Pool: Soul Mastery

Hero Profile:
Level 1: Telekinetic Blast -- SprSpdBit-Rchg/Global Toxic(A)
Level 1: Combat Training: Defensive -- Ksm-ToHit+(A)
Level 2: [Empty] -- Empty(A)
Level 4: Tactical Training: Maneuvers -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), LucoftheG-Def/EndRdx(5), LucoftheG-Def(7), LucoftheG-Def/EndRdx/Rchg(7)
Level 6: Mystic Flight -- WntGif-ResSlow(A)
Level 8: Follow Up -- SprBlsCol-Acc/Dmg(A), SprBlsCol-Dmg/EndRdx(9), SprBlsCol-Acc/Dmg/EndRdx(9), GldStr-%Dam(11), TchofDth-Dam%(11), Mk'Bit-Dam%(13)
Level 10: Indomitable Will -- GldArm-3defTpProc(A), GldArm-End/Res(13)
Level 12: Psionic Tornado -- SprFrzBls-Dmg/EndRdx(A), SprFrzBls-Acc/Dmg(15), Bmbdmt-+FireDmg(15), PstBls-Dam%(17), ExpStr-Dam%(17), FrcFdb-Rechg%(19)
Level 14: Lunge -- Hct-Dmg(A), Hct-Dmg/EndRdx(19), Hct-Dam%(21), Mk'Bit-Dam%(21), GldStr-%Dam(23), TchofDth-Dam%(23)
Level 16: Dominate -- UnbCns-Dam%(A), GldNet-Dam%(25), GhsWdwEmb-Dam%(25), NrnSht-Dam%(27), GldJvl-Dam%(27), GldJvl-Acc/Dmg(29)
Level 18: Spirit Ward -- Prv-Absorb%(A)
Level 20: Mask Presence -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), LucoftheG-Def/EndRdx(29)
Level 22: Foresight -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A), LucoftheG-Def(31)
Level 24: Mind Link -- Rct-Def(A), Rct-Def/EndRdx(31), Rct-EndRdx/Rchg(31), Rct-Def/Rchg(33), Rct-Def/EndRdx/Rchg(33), Rct-ResDam%(33)
Level 26: Rune of Protection -- UnbGrd-ResDam/EndRdx(A), StdPrt-ResDam/Def+(34), UnbGrd-ResDam(34), UnbGrd-Max HP%(34)
Level 28: Combat Jumping -- LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(A)
Level 30: Hasten -- RechRdx-I(A), RechRdx-I(36)
Level 32: Psychic Wail -- Arm-Dam%(A), Arm-Acc/Rchg(36), Arm-Dmg/Rchg(36), Arm-Acc/Dmg/Rchg(37), Arm-Dmg/EndRdx(37), FuroftheG-ResDeb%(37)
Level 35: Gloom -- Apc-Dmg/EndRdx(A), Apc-Dmg(39), Apc-Dam%(39), GldJvl-Dam%(39), CldSns-%Dam(40), Dcm-Build%(40)
Level 38: Aura of Confusion -- CrcPrs-Conf(A), CrcPrs-Conf/Rchg(40), CrcPrs-Acc/Conf/Rchg(42), CrcPrs-Acc/Rchg(42), CrcPrs-Conf/EndRdx(42), CrcPrs-Conf%(43)
Level 41: Dark Obliteration -- Ann-ResDeb%(A), Bmbdmt-+FireDmg(43), JvlVll-Dam%(43), PstBls-Dam%(45), CldSns-%Dam(45), Rgn-Dmg/EndRdx(45)
Level 44: Aim -- GssSynFr--Build%(A)
Level 47: Maneuvers -- ShlWal-ResDam/Re TP(A), ShlWal-Def/EndRdx(47), ShlWal-Def/EndRdx/Rchg(47), LucoftheG-Def/Rchg+(47)
Level 49: [Empty] -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Conditioning | Hidden 
Level 1: Brawl -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Sprint -- Run-I(A)
Level 2: Rest -- Empty(A)
Level 1: Swift -- Run-I(A)
Level 1: Hurdle -- Jump-I(A)
Level 1: Health -- Pnc-Heal/+End(A), NmnCnv-Regen/Rcvry+(3), Mrc-Rcvry+(3)
Level 1: Stamina -- PrfShf-End%(A), PrfShf-EndMod(5)
Level 50: Musculature Radial Paragon 
Level 50: Ageless Radial Epiphany 
Level 50: Assault Core Embodiment 
Level 50: Longbow Radial Superior Ally 
Level 50: Degenerative Radial Flawless Interface 
Level 50: Portal Jockey 
Level 50: Task Force Commander 
Level 50: The Atlas Medallion 
Level 50: Freedom Phalanx Reserve 
Level 50: Eye of the Magus 
Level 50: Geas of the Kind Ones 
Level 50: Elusive Mind 


The build leaves you with very strong defenses and lots of proc damage. From there, you can finish it however you like:



The last power does not need to be selected at level 49, feel free to move that to wherever is appropriate. The Level 2 power is set, however. Typically I look to take either Strike, CT:Offensive, or Subdue with that selection. With the other, I either look at Spin, Confuse, Total Domination, Confront, Darkest Night, or TT:Assault. But really, the choice is yours.


Quick Details on the build:
ST approach: Follow Up > Lunge > Dominate > Gloom > repeat or AoE

AoE approach: Aim > Psychic Wail > Dark Obliteration > Psionic Tornado > switch to ST attacks to finish off hard targets

Control approach: Psychic Wail > Aura of Confusion. What's not dead or stunned gets confused and starts attacking eachother.

Oh Shit buttons: Rune of Protection and Demonic Aura (Eye of the Magus). RoP has a 33% uptime, so it's my first line of defense when I need to absorb some hits. If it's on cooldown, then Demonic Aura is my next fallback. These powers provide extremely strong resistances that pair perfectly with your scaling resistances. Plenty of times I have been softcapped and at 85% resistance to all and had nothing to fear despite my low health bar.

Edited by Bopper
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