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Gale as a Proc mule? If no recharge slotted...?


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I'm still acclimating to the realities of endgame builds, and the realities of Proc mechanics was still pretty murky when I last got deep into set nuance.


I dug through a fantastic guide I found on the forum, some of the gist I got was that enhanced +Rech (slotted + Alpha) is bad for proc chances, esp in AOE attacks. Cones do NOT get penalized for range enhancement despite the increased area effected.




Gale with just Acc/End (and maybe range?) slotted and Procs. Cheap, fast, big cone. Looks like it takes a lot of possible procs.


I'm guessing it's been discussed before, but my search-fu was weak.


Any thoughts? 

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A proceed out Gale might pair well with Mind's Terrify?

I was thinking about on my Fire/Storm/Ice, but I'm looking to get back to Mind/ again for nostalgia if nothing else. 
Mind/Storm might be a lot of fun... And add some helpful damage. Massive end hog though.
Having fun collecting +Rec set bonuses on my Fire/Storm though, and it's very effective...

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IMO it's not really worth proccing Gale. The math might prove me wrong on a troller with extremely slow animating AoE immobilizes, but as a Storm player you'll likely have a lot more going on. Mids says procs have a 21% chance of firing. Overall with 3 procs it works out to a DPA around 22. For reference, Fire Cages slotted for damage, without Containment is around 20 DPA and with containment is around 40 DPA.

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So far in my experience the best slotting for Gale has been the Sudden Acceleration KB:KD enh, the FF+Rech proc, and the Acc/KB from either.  


I also make room for a FF+Rech and KB:KD in Tornado, and try to wedge a third FF+Rech in somewhere.  3x FF+Rech is pretty much perma +100% recharge in combat, provided you use those powers in combat, of course.

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I have Ill/Storm so I barely ever use personal attacks, but the three procs that seem to work best are Force Feedback - Recharge; Sudden Acceleration - KB->KD; & Annihilation - Chance for -Res.


However, because of the low base recharge, the Annihilation proc is not that great unless you are on a large team and you have a lot of global recharge.

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