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Halloween Event - Request some additions?


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So every year I enjoy the Halloween event. I had some thoughts for additions. This week we have the Katie Hannon TF as a WST. Could we get that in as a bonus rotation some time in October as it is very much traditionally Halloween themed.


My other thoughts were around highlighting Croatoa and Dark Astoria more during the month with increased GM spawns since both seem very much Halloween themed with the traditional Croatoa and the eldritch horror of Dark Astoria.


And my final thought was to check if the doors on the abandoned Portal Corp facility in the Hive and the Park buildings in the Abyss are tagged to be able to trick or treat from as they might be fun to get while Hamidon leagues are forming.

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I do wish there was a place to ToT all year round.  And Kane really should be on the queue list year round too, it's too unique to the game to ignore for 11 months.  Plus it will still have allure as one won't normally have the costumes to get that extra badge.

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