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Can we extract this...?


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So, there's a good bit hidden away in the .pigg files - people can swap textures, sounds, etc. by searching for items and either modifying them (client side) or putting a replacement file in the appropriate directory.


What I'm curious about, though, are those clues that come up as you do missions.


Now, yes, you get a souvenir when you finish a story arc giving you an overview of what happened, sure. But on the way there? Lots of other clues. Some are kind of boring ("You found a gun!") and some give interesting little details ("email" exchanges with lore info and the like.) The Wikis are missing some of these, or they're questionable, and those of us interested in lore minutiae can miss these puzzle pieces.


Is it possible to extract these in some readable format?

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I'm still off on vacation and don't have access to my home PC, but as I recall, that information is stored in the mission files, which are stored on the servers.  I don't believe any Clue or Souvenirs are stored locally (other than AE Souvenirs).


It might be handy to post about this in the https://forums.homecomingservers.com/clubs/2-unofficial-homecoming-wiki/ Club.  Someone there might be able to review the i24 files to fixer-up'er all the Wiki pages for missions that are missing Clue details.

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Yeah, I think AE would be the only thing stored locally that would have such things as the bulk of what's on our machines is the heavy stuff like audio, GFX, etc. This makes sense to Me because then a mission simply calls the related textures as text is microscopic compared to the other assets. But again, best guess.

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