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More fluid movements for Scrappers.


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It may also be kinda Powerset dependent some are more sluggish then others , the animation and speed of Titan Weapons once u get em its buff feels fluent and fast, but Kinetic melee as worst example, which others pointed out in different threads already, feels sluggish and not kinetic (fluid/fast) at all.


Of ocurse it wont be like in that movie cause that was no ingame recording but it could be make more fluent, just how much u can speed the animation has to be decided by every single Power and then other factors like Damage Output/Endurance Cost come into the Equation.



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14 hours ago, DreadShinobi said:

Not a bit of that trailer reflected actual gameplay lol.


Hey, there's a few sound effects that are actually in the game, and the music track from the Cannonade neighborhood in Boomtown. Plus, Statesman used Air Superiority on that Rikti Drone!

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