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Skipping launcher on startup


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U mean the user name and password entry?  You skip it by entering your user name and password.


The launcher checks for updates before running the game,  probably dont want to skip that.


Remember username is the only option.  You could maybe macro your password into a macro keyboard.  The login server is verifying user name and password, not letting someone skip based off IP address.  Some hacker out there would probably love it if our login was like that though.

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4 hours ago, Nafsmar said:

I found the post but it looks like it was disabled. I really don't know why though. I doubt some burglar is going to break into my house and say "Hey maybe he plays COH and if so I will email all his influence to me. " 



No, but there are a few other things that could happen, from in-game (someone checks it, either a visitor or through remote access, and does something in-game either to your characters or "up to and including getting your account deleted/banned,") to "People tend to use the same or similar passwords elsewhere, and this kept it in plain text," so even if someone had no interest in COH, it could be a gateway to affecting things that *do* matter. Not a liability anyone wants.

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From what I've seen, the HC launcher was designed with a quite good security model, much better than either the original or the Tequila/Rum versions. Gaudete! This is a good thing.


This isn't something like the Epic launcher, there to spam you with ads and telemetry your arse. This launcher appears to be designed to securely check for updates, then get the hell out of your way and let you play the game.

You can set it to exit after the game launches, so it's not hogging resources in the background while you play (c.f. Epic).


Set a macro in your favorite macro-er if you like, but as said above, you don't want to skip the launcher.



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