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Deleting Vanguard Portal leaves graphics artifact in base


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I'm playing around with the base editor for the first time ever. I get how to create/delete/rotate rooms and I think I've got a decent handle on placing items.


However I'm running into problems deleting a Vanguard Portal (items > tech teleport > vanguard portal). I was able to delete the portal itself, but it looks like there's a separate visual artifact (swirly green stuff) that was left behind and which I'm unable to select to delete. Even deleting the room doesn't help, the swirly green stuff is still there. I've attached a pic so you guys can see what I mean.


So... I'm either looking for help deleting the swirly green stuff or restarting the base.


If I'm unable to do either of those things, I'll be looking for ideas on what to name the swirly green stuff since it will apparently be a permanent superbase mascot.


Thanks in advance.


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