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HC Fall Costume Contest: Incognito! - The Results!

GM Kaiju

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This was a very tricky theme this time around, with many creative entries as always! See below for our finalists, followed by photos from each shard!


🏆Overall Winner: Baleful Night from Reunion🏆



Reunion Runners-Up:

  • Barking Spider
  • Sir Liberty
  • Ms. Gale
  • Buggy the Kid


Excelsior Finalist:  Chevaliere Farceur



Excelsior Runners-Up:

  • Fourth Little Pig
  • Crawdad-
  • Frankenfrieda
  • A Simple Rock


Torchbearer Finalist:  I'wai



Torchbearer Runners-Up:

  • NotARobot
  • Tsoo Cow
  • Udder Nonsense
  • Sprite Elemental


Indomitable Finalist:  Eternal Midnight



Indomitable Runners-Up:

  • Officer Qar
  • Beautiful Bride
  • Blaze6
  • Risky Brisket



Everlasting Finalist: Monster Truck



Everlasting Runners-Up:

  • Everylady
  • Ashes of the Father
  • Inconspicuous Troll
  • Hero Automaton



💲All of our Finalists, Runners-Up, and our Overall Winner have already received their prizes!💲


Reunion Group Photos






Excelsior Group Photos






Torchbearer Group Photos






Indomitable Group Photos






Everlasting Group Photos






Mayhem ensued afterward!








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Wow looking at that turn out on Torchbearer makes me a bit sad.


Sad that I totally forgot to set my alarm to wake up and log in, because I totally would've won!😁  Stupid Night shifts! 😭


Congrats to the winners!

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Monster Truck is annoyed that he didn't win overall and is currently hunting down his former hostages fan-club in order to punish them for not cheering hard enough!


Joking aside, I had a wonderful time. The winners all look great! There were so many on Everlasting that I would have sworn were going to beat me easily.

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Monster Truck's Costume is great, Supertroll gone Liberty, and I love the Cheerleader idea.


I'm still a bit overwhelmed (I actually won? pinch me again)... thank you GMs for the fun, it was great! Your hard work is really truly appreciated.


your Red Riding Howl 😉

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Congrats to Baleful Night  and all the winners and runner ups, and a Big Thank you to all The GM's running it. and the twitch stream ... Had a blast  with Statebot  (Sir Liberty)

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There's only three alternatives: it thinks we're either a threat, food or a mate.... It's either gonna kill us, eat us or hump us.

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On 10/17/2021 at 3:33 PM, Tacheyon said:

Wow looking at that turn out on Torchbearer makes me a bit sad.


Yeah there was 2 iTrial Leagues going on and the ToT league in PI happening as well at the same time. With all that going on I was not surprised it was quite sparce. I know no one on my iTrial league rushed off to it. 

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