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Electric Armor > Power Sink - Make it a DMGing Attack like consume


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Hi Folks


I was a long time live player (i3 until live shut down) and have been back on and off, and have been playing consistently for the last couple of months and absolutely love being back, the interactions with the community and player base. I truly missed this game.


One of the Builds that I remade (i had a couple on live) is Electric Armor (Tanks and Brutes). Is it possible to please make Power Sink work similarly to Consume, in that it leaches END from mobs and transfers to the player, but also make it cause DMG? It seems like it would make sense thematically and logically as this is an Electric Attack that drains END, so it seems natural that it would also cause damage, whether it be light/minor whatever.


Thank you for your continued good work!



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