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To all the developers and GMs who take their time to work on the game and to all the players that populate this magical city: Thanks! 


I've had so many years of fun memories and it's all due to you guys, gals, and entities of indeterminate origin.


May you enjoy the long weekend surrounded by family, friends, and food!

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Bringing the whimsy.. good job flea!


I'm thankful for what we have and remembering those who are no longer with us.




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"Homecoming is not perfect but it is still better than the alternative.. at least so far" - Unknown  (Wise words Unknown!)

Si vis pacem, para bellum

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Yes. An amazing effort.


I now have three friends enjoying the game who never played on live.

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The adventurous Space Janitor reporting for duty. Cleaning the universe since 1992 and Paragon City, the Rogue Isles and Praetoria since 2011.


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I was in a really, really fucking bad place for a lot of this year, and this game and this community and my BSOD folks were invaluable lifelines to help me remember the person I needed to be. I'll forever be thankful for all of y'all. 

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@Aurora Girl - Excelsior - BSOD
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