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Nature Affinity Dual Pistol Defender help


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you can also try the HC Discord the AT-specific opt in section. People there are very helpful for decisions on the fly. Sometimes I would take a look at someone's build and "modify" it to my particular play style, so it's merely a starting off point with some tips on what goes well where. I don't have MIDs so putting together a build is a mini-game in itself. 😃

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Here are some very old builds of mine.  For a beginner I'd recommend the more heavily armored one, with less damage.  The high damage build is an advanced build.  None of these are leveling builds, although I do level with them.


Nature DP - Fourcade 2 - [i25].mxd

Nature DP - Charged Armor Prototype 1 - [i25].mxd

Nature DP - Laoraine 2c - [i25].mxd

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Solo Vicious ASF (link)

AE 801 (link) is a variety of missions for fun and challenge, and is designed for a team of 5+ Incarnates.  Just search '801' in AE. 

Difficulty Varies: 801.0 Easy, ..., 801.2 Standard, ..., 801.5 Hard, ..., 801.8 Extreme, ..., 801.A Epic, ... 801.F Death.

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