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Amplifier madness


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A few of my characters make a lot of use of amplifiers. I especially like the status protection, but all 3 are useful. A year or two ago I did a brisk trade in packs. I opened thousands and made billions of Inf. But after I sold everything that could be sold I started making use of the free amplifiers and inspirations (available anywhere, anytime via email). I had hundreds of free amplifiers and grew a bit addicted to them. 


Fast forward to late 2021. I'm running low on amplifiers and decide I'll use the winter event to load up on Winter packs and amplifiers. But, I had completely forgotten that winter packs don't have amplifiers. So, since I've got more inf than I know what to do with, I decide I'll just go buy them from the P2W vendor. But I get there and find they are 2.5 million a piece! That's 60 million to fuel up on all 3 for 8 hours. 


This is pocket change, but it sticks in my craw.... so I liquidate my winter pack holdings (at considerable gain) and buy regular packs. Hundreds or thousands of them. Open them all and flood the market with Archetype IOs. All to just stock up on amplifiers. 


I suspect things like this happen every day and drive much of the market. 


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