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New Rogue Arc [ID: 48759]


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Design Notes: 

*Started this some time ago, but it languished in development. Lack of ideas, motivation, what have you. Managed to get some more scripting down earlier this week. 


Then I found out today that my eldest son took his own life. 


Our family is spread out all over the States, so it was a lot of messaging and some phone calls (mainly the former, because talking to anyone has been difficult all day). He was on a ventilator at first. His mother (wife from 1st marriage), had him taken off when it was determined he was a vegetable. He died 18 minutes after being disconnected.


There are things to do, and we're doing them. Together, as families do during these things. My current wife and partner - best friend, my everything - has been there for me, including letting me sort things out as best I can. 


And so, with a lack of anything to do but stay busy, to not overly dwell (because this is life, and a part of it), I opened this silly little mish up, and finished it, today. 


It's not anything special. Just a little story about a "complicated" superhero (i.e, a Rogue, which my son would have appreciated). We lost touch over the years, as he rambled about the country, roaming from job to job, couch surfing, aimless. Did stints in jail, and in rehab. After this last one, he seemed to be on an upward trajectory. He looked good. He sounded good.


And then, he decided to drink again, and he wasn't. In the end, he let his demons get to him, again. 


This time, they won.


There's little we can do now, but wait for his body to be cremated. We'll meet in one of his favorite places, and spread his ashes in the mountains he loved (his vast roams did lead to beautiful places, too).


In the meantime, I can tell a story - this silly little mission arc - about a "complicated" superhero (he loved them when he was little). I can do that, and put his name on it. 


And then after that, I'll remember that it's Spring. And Easter. And it is Jackie Robinson day. I am sorry he won't see any more Springs. But maybe, just maybe, he's somewhere where it's always Spring,


Maybe he's some place where he can truly fly.


Thanks for listening, and everybody - I mean everybody - stay safe. Tell the people close to you that you love them. 




P.S. Thanks, @Darmian, for the chat. You're a good friend.

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@cranebump, I'm going to play the hell out of this.  In the meantime, from me, and frankly the rest of us here, be safe and do what you have to do.  I'll say no more, anything else is extraneous.

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I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Take care.

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A devastating story, and a wonderful arc.  Best wishes.

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Terrible to hear. So sorry for your tragic loss. Keep your loved ones close. 

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