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Constant, easily reproducible combat to neutral stance animation resets (with video example)


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I have been experiencing a bug that is quickly killing my desire to play several of my favorite ground-walking, close range playing characters. Without fail, on certain characters, when I initiate combat with a mob, this happens (short video, no sound):  Combat stance bugs to neutral stance


In that video clip, you can see that my character never even entered combat stance upon attacking enemies, and immediately after an attack animates (and sometimes that bugs out too) the character reverts back to neutral, out of combat stance. She's still both being using attacks and being attacked, therefore combat stance should still be engaged, but she's just standing there. Once this bug occurs, only relogging resets it, and even then, it can reappear in the first combat I enter.


For comparison, this is what your character should look like while in combat and not bugged (short video, no sound): Normal combat stance

Reaction animations to being hit play, and you remain in the wide-legged, slightly hunched combat stance after using attacks, and for a few seconds after combat ends.


This bug is not just visible to me and everyone else sees my character like normal. My SO can see the bug on his screen as well, and has also experienced it firsthand with his own characters. It is most easily reproduced by firing off attacks in quick succession, and moving while using skills.


Oddly, I encounter it most often with characters that have Electric Melee attacks. I have all but abandoned my Elec melee Stalker, and my /Elec Manip Blaster is quickly heading to the shelf if this bug persists. It may seem like a minor issue to some, but visual differentiation between in-combat and out of combat character animations exist for a reason. They are instantly recognizable cues for events happening during gameplay, and create a more meaningful experience for the player.


I'm begging that this issue be expedited to a GM, dev or whoever can get to the bottom of it. I'm willing to go more in-depth about the issue, upload diagnostic files, whatever it takes, PLEASE!

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