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Page 6's redraw causing a bugged delay on Titan Weapon Tankers, featuring an additional second bug


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In Page 6, Titan Weapon Tanker now has to redraw their weapon before they can perform an attack, and this does a client-side root.  This feels bad but doesn't impact melee combat too much because the attack animations will compensate for it.  However if you open a fight with Taunt (and many self-respecting Tankers do), you get client-side rooted by the redraw and then also rooted by the Taunt animation, because most Tankers won't be in immediate melee range to queue the actual rooting of an attack power into it.  And this can happen every 15-45 seconds or so which feels awful and clunky.


A quick video showing the long delay between opening with Taunt and being able to move, due to the double rooting caused by the new redraw:


A video showing the new redraw rooting getting overridden by an actual attack chain, this only works at melee range and it looks screwy:


It is possible to interrupt the rooting of the new forced redraw animation by popping an inspiration as soon as you open with Taunt, which prevents the client-side part of the rooting:


Or you can use a ranged power like Combat Teleport instead of an inspiration, which (depending on power) may mess with your camera:


So I understand the original hacky weapon system was redone from the ground up and it is likely a bug, but if this was intentional then please give an option to simply remove the weapon redraw like how Titan Weapons used to be implemented prior to Page 6.  The now-mandatory double rooting feels really bad during gameplay (I ran a few iTrials with it).




Bonus bug: Crushing Blow (slow) now deals its damage at the end of its animation instead of when it hits an enemy.  This may be a return of an old timing bug with Crushing Blow from Issue 27 Page 1.  If I remember correctly Crushing Blow was tinkered with in Issue 27 Page 2 to fix it.  Combined with the animation rooting of the new weapon redraw, and given that many TW attack chains begin with Crushing Blow for Momentum reasons, this new extra bug makes your character freeze in place and then ignore the afterdelay of Crushing Blow, making attacks more difficult to chain because they come out in such a quick order after the redraw rooting.


A video showing the new Crushing Blow (slow) bug, I used Taunt first to put myself in combat so that the rooting from redraw isn't a factor:


And here's a video the Crushing Blow (slow) bug being used in tandem with the client-side redraw rooting:


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