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Respec Class II and III

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I remember this being discussed during live days, and it had heavy support for it and as many against it.


Now that the game is for fun, and much more relaxed, with a focus in player enjoyment over tedium, perhaps this concept should be revisited.


There are times we have a concept in mind, and we put a power set together within a class set, and after we develop them, decide it was not it, it fail, etc. There are some who will brutally recommend to just delete the level 50 alt you worked so hard to level, and others, such as I, shudder at the thought.


So why not introduce two new types of Respec recipes?


Class I, is what we currently have

Class II, works like 1, but allows you to change your secondary power set .

Class III, works like 1, but it allows you to change your primary power set.


The recipes for Class II could cost 10,000 merits or 100 million influence and the class III 100,000 merits or 1 Billion influence.


Any thoughts or constructive suggestions?



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This has been brought up. The game cannot handle changing a character's origin, AT, primary power set, or secondary power set without making a new character. However, you can use the test server to try characters. The test server lets you jump straight to level 50 and even immediately slot all your enhancements for free.

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Even if there was no coding issue, I don't think we should even have the ability to change primaries or secondaries. Those are supposed to be important choices with consequences. Jacking up the price to eleventy billion won't make it a good feature. 


We have 1000 character slots per server. Make another toon if you want different powersets. If you want to keep a similar name/theme, then what I like to do is use Praetoria to create "evil clones" (or heroic clones) of primal earth toons. 

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Closed Beta Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/DptUBzh


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If we were still stuck where we were in the early days, at 8 slots per server - or even "if you have COH and COV..." 12 slots, I could see an argument for seeing how broken trying to do this to the code would be.


We have 1000 slots per server, though, and getting to 50 - even without PLing - isn't exactly a slog.  And a test server that lets you go to insta-50, all the INF you need, pick up sets at levels, etc. to not just theorycraft but test out builds.


Besides, it may not *be* possible. We've been told since forever that there are four things baked in to every character to where they're not changeable - AT, Origin, Primary and Secondary. There just flat out may not be a way to do so - and/or, of course, it wouldn't be seen as worth the effort because of the previously mentioned abundance of slots.

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I tried to combine Circle and DE, but all I got were garden variety evil mages.

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