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Radiation Blast/Electricity Manipulation Blaster - Has anyone done this, it seems awful.


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I am currently working on a Rad/Elec blaster and it feels very clunky and doesn't seem to be particularly good at anything. I don't really play blasters, I am just wondering if anyone else has played this combo up to the high levels and feels like it is worth it. I have been playing it mostly solo and with no XP boosters or any of that extra stuff, just running the game content and it's a huge pain compared to what I could be doing with like almost any Controller/Defender type character.


Again I don't play Blasters like ever so I may just not know that right way to build one as I level up.

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I never have but sounds like you are a melee oriented blaster.  Irradiate>thunder strike(with kb2kd) with dynamo running on top of other melee attacks, the end sapping thing.


just a lot of point blank aoes and melee stuff.  skip haze and give it a shot

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It has actually improved a lot now that I have Neutron Bomb. I know everyone complains about this power but I have found it used best as an opening attacking. You lob that thing ta a mob and then run over there and Thunder Strike them all just as it is landing, then Irradiate, Force of Thunder and pull back to Electron Haze them if you need to still.


Someone else must have tried this once...

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View This Build In MRB



Okay I have finally got this guy up to 50 and here is what I ended up with in terms of a build. This was taking things as I leveled and not really agonizing over the choices too much. I may have tried to do too many things. I can almost always get a Defender or Controller to handle +4/8x content but when I play a Blaster I regularly die on just +0/8x when I am solo. If you care to take a look and recommend some better strategies I would appreciate it.


Munitions Mastery contains many things that sound really cool and useful but don't seem to deliver. It is sad really.


Square Iron - Blaster (Radiation Blast - Electricity Manipulation).mbd

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