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Don't try this at home.


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Start in Bloody Bay as Rogue

  1. see someone recruiting for Respec Trial that begins in IP
  2. send tell saying you'd like to join
  3. recruiter says i need to be blueside before they can add me
  4. leave Bloody Bay because Ouro Portal not active there.
  5. launch Ouroboros Portal right out of the helicptor
  6. try to click portal over and over. 😦
  7. decide you can't click portal -- you always get the helicopter menu no matter where you stand 🙄
  8. super jump across Cap Au Diable to get to base portal
  9. enter base and go to IP
  10. finally get yourself added to team 🙂
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-- Rock

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As a rule of thumb don't open an ouro portal too near another door, whether chopper, train or even an entrance to a building like city hall.  Even if it doesn't causes an issue for you someone else may come along and misclick.  This is high on my CoX pet peeves list.

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I would have just popped a portal to my base. 

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Top 10 Most Fun 50s.

1. Without Mercy: Claws/ea Scrapper. 2. Outsmart: Fort 3. Sneakers: Stj/ea Stalker. 4. Waterpark: Water/temp Blaster. 5. Project Next: Ice/stone Brute. 6. Mighty Matt: Rad/bio Brute. 7. Without Pause: Claws/wp Brute. 8. Emma Strange: Ill/dark. 9. Nothing But Flowers: Plant/storm Controller. 10. Obsidian Smoke: Fire/dark Corr. 


"Downtime is for mortals."

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19 hours ago, Without_Pause said:

I would have just popped a portal to my base. 


I'm still a fan of /enterbasefrompasscode.  It still works wherever, you just need to use LRTP first (there's a ~10s window after LRTP goes off where that command works, even if you're nowhere near a base portal).  I generally save my base portal charges for when I need to jump zones more than once every 10 minutes (very rare, especially since so many people seem to have TT).

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