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"Localized" shards


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First of all, thanks for letting us wander the streets of CoX again.


Given the number of acocunts created these days that lead to the opening of two new shards and given that the original game had Vigilance and Zukunft, respectively for French and German speaking players, I was wondering if you have any plan to add a shard for each of these language since I imagine they would not be overlooked a 2,000-max French or German players shard ?


Not fully localized shards, since I guess this would be a huge and worthless effort (at least at the beginning) work both for the UI and the ingame dialogs, uless the original disks could be reused, but these linguistics communities could use their language to chat for whatever they have to say (group, help, recruit...), to use the Mission Architect or Wentworth without bothering the other players or mis(not)understanding what the other players actually say. In addition to this, maybe a side effect would be to somewhat lower the queue by a bit since these communities would certainly queue their own servers.



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I would second that. For the simple reason that I showed the game to my 2 kids and have them roaming the streets now with their own heroes  ;D

Obviously, they are struggling somewhat with the options and dialogue, so having a few Main Features localized (in this case German) would help a great deal.

On the other hand: they are now trying to get it all by themselves... maybe I should just not interfere, as especially the younger one didn‘t enjoy learning it before...  :)

That incident involving a nuclear accelerator and a banana… You know… I REALLY don't wanna talk about it!

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Lokalized shards are a good idea, but I didn't came across that many German players, I doubt a Zukunft shard would have enough players to find a team (just look how many players are using the global channel Zukunft)

back to the Zukunft



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I remember this conversation in Live. I forget the response, but don't remember it being what you'd wanna hear.

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