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Inverse Incarnate shifts - Apex TF 20190702


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I just wanted to Apex on my Stalker.  Standard 8 man team, leader was  50+1 as were most of the team outside.  So we started.  Everything conned purple, I noticed.  Enemies took insane terrible damage, I noticed.  I checked combat logs and asked my teammates to view my info, everything said I was level 50-3, not level 50-4 and not level 50+3.


Level 50 Ice/Invuln Stalker.

Nerve Partial Core Revamp T3

Pyronic Core Judgement T2

Degenerative Core Interface T2

Banished Pantheon Total Core Improved Ally T3

Barrier Partial Core Invocation T3

Assault Total Core Graft T3


I was level47 all of outside, but it seemed to be fixed after zoning down into the sewers.

All the same it was very annoying.


Banished Pantheon lore pets are FRIGGIN GODLIKE on characters that do Cold damage: that is all.


Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all...

Never use the phrase "tryhard" in my presence.

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It's a known bug, sometimes the TF will fail to recognize that you have an Alpha slot ability and will apply the -4 level shifts (that's why you're at -3, you get the -4 from the debuff and +1 from your alpha slot ability). The only solution is to either exit and re-enter the mission or unslot and reslot your alpha slot ability.

Defender Smash!

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Bump. I've gotten this bug 3 times in a row in an Apex TF (I'm soloing on a timer, so I quit/restart every time for a "clean" start).


Does anyone know what causes the bug to trigger specifically? I've noticed I seem to get it more often than not when I'm the first to enter the mission (whether I'm solo or not), but not sure beyond that. Starting to think I'll just use another alpha and switch to my first choice 10 seconds in.

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